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Who is Pedro Prieto, former host of Hoy and second eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity 2023?

After being part of Hoy, Pedro Prieto started a new project in the neighboring house. The Spanish driver was part of MasterChef Celebrity 2023.

Yes, Pedro Prieto was one of the candidates to become the best chef of MasterChef Celebrity 2023.

Unfortunately his desire was not enough, and Pedro Prieto became the second eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity 2023.

Pedro Prieto, former host of Hoy and now eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity 2023

Pedro Prieto*100015 * Escobar is a actor and conductor born in Madrid, Spain, on September 20, 1986. He is currently 36 years old.

Despite the fact that at an early age he felt attracted to the acting and even participated in children’s plays in Spain, Pedro Prieto made his acting debut in Mexico in 2010.

He participated in the program “De buena ley” from 2011 to 2014, later He had a small participation in the miniseries “Rescuing Sara” and in the telenovela “Antes muerta que Lichita”.

Her first play was “I don’t hide anything from you” in 2012 and two years later she returned to the stages with the Peter Pan project.

Feeling comfortable in theater, he added stagings such as: “Hercules” and “Hercules” to his resume.

Pedro Prieto started in Hoy, but now also he was part of TV Azteca

In 2016, the face of Pedro Prieto became popular when he was signed by Hoy, a morning newspaper where he spent 2 years sharing credits with:

Andrea LegarretaGalilea MontijoRaúl AraizaAndrea Escalona

Pedro Prieto left Hoy in 2020, shortly after the death of producer Magda Rodríguez.

According to the Spanish driver, Andrea Rodríguez -new producer- told him that he no longer fit into the new stage of the season.

His departure took him by surprise and he suffered for six months, time in which he cried and missed his teammates as well as being on screen.

Pedro Prieto was no stranger to reality shows before MasterChef Celebrity 2023

A Pedro Prieto we saw him on reality 4 Elements before MasterChef Celebrity 2023, which premiered on May 14.

On Instagram you can find him as @pedroprietotv, where he is followed by a million people.

In this space he usually shares his projects, as well as some of his experiences with his wife Titi Jacques, with whom he has a son.

Pedro Prieto was eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity

Regarding his time in MasterChef Celebrity 2023, Pedro Prieto said he was happy to have been invited by TV Azteca to join a great project.

Despite not being a great cook, Pedro Prieto gave everything for his family – mom, wife and son – to win the cooking contest.

Although he has a taste for paella, Spanish tortilla, gazpacho, enchiladas and pambazos, his skills culinary were not outstanding.

Thus, Pedro Prieto was the second eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity 2023; in the program on Sunday, May 21.

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