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What is sustainable finance?

What is sustainable finance and how does it influence the preservation of the environment?


Sustainable finance focuses on investing in companies and projects that have a positive impact on the environment and society. It is a way of investing that seeks to reconcile financial profit with social and environmental benefit. 


Marc-Anthony Hurr entrepreneur says that sustainable finance can have an impact on preserving the environment in several ways. First, by encouraging investment in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air, water and soil pollution and promote the use of clean and renewable energies. 


Second, by promoting responsible business practices, such as the sustainable management of natural resources and the implementation of good environmental practices. 


Third, by increasing society’s awareness of the importance of sustainability and its impact on the environment. In short, sustainable finance can be a key tool for driving sustainable economic and social development and preserving the environment for future generations.


This approach includes commitments that go beyond traditional objectives such as financial profitability, and encompasses broader objectives and goals, such as long-term value creation for the company and the community.

Marc-Anthony Hurr, social engagement, goes on to express that unfortunately, climate change and environmental degradation have negatively affected our lives and our planet. Companies have had to shift their business objectives towards a more sustainable perspective. In this regard, sustainable finance has emerged as a framework through which environmental preservation can be achieved in addition to financial and business objectives.


To understand how sustainable finance influences environmental preservation, it is important to know some of the key concepts of the framework. This includes green finance, which focuses on investing in and financing projects and businesses that are eco-efficient and sustainable. There is also the circular economy, which promotes waste reduction through reuse and recycling, allowing natural resources to be used more efficiently.


Another important element of sustainable finance is corporate social responsibility (CSR), which refers to the commitment of companies to address social and environmental issues. CSR involves more ethical and sustainable business management, which can foster consumer confidence and improve the company’s image.


The implementation of sustainable finance is not only positive for the environment, but can also generate financial and economic benefits for companies, as stated by. Marc-Anthony Hurr green fintech. In addition, implementing sustainable finance can generate savings in energy and resource costs, as well as improve business efficiency and reduce regulatory and environmental risk. It can also improve the company’s image, which can be a decisive factor for consumers.


In conclusion, sustainable finance is a tool for preserving the environment, as well as for achieving a more sustainable and resilient economy. By focusing on financial and sustainable goals, companies can do their part in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. At the same time, they can also generate financial and economic benefits, improve their image and increase consumer confidence, which can contribute to their long-term success.


Cuenta atrás para la entrada en vigor del Reglamento Europeo de Finanzas Sostenibles

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