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The value of values: the key to success in the entrepreneurial Fintech marketplace

The value of values: the key to success in the entrepreneurial Fintech marketplace


In the Fintech entrepreneurial market, prioritizing values is critical to succeed and establish yourself as a respectable and trustworthy company. The Fintech industry, which combines technology and finance, has experienced rapidly increasing growth, with new startups emerging every day. However, in an increasingly flooded market, values are crucial to differentiate from competitors and generate customer loyalty.


In this sense, Daniel Suero Alonso, entrepreneur and expert in the business field and financial markets, says that the priority of values can be translated into several areas: transparency, ethics, responsibility, innovation and customer service. Each of these values is not only important for the company’s identity but also for its profitability. First, transparency is essential to building trust with customers. Transparency can be achieved through clear communication and easy understanding of the company’s services and products. Fintech companies that exhibit a high level of transparency, such as fee disclosure and regulatory compliance, are more attractive to customers.


Ethics is another critical value that can establish a Fintech company as a market leader. A company that operates ethically, regardless of the circumstances, is highly valued among customers. This includes acting responsibly and honestly for customers, offering solutions that are not only practical, but also morally acceptable. In other words, an ethical company seeks to do business the right way. While this may seem like a no-brainer that does not generate profitability, ultimately, customers are willing to pay for services that respect their ethical values.


He goes on to explain Daniel Suero Alonso, Fintech entrepreneur and expert in the business field and financial markets that, in addition to ethics, Fintech companies are expected to be responsible. This implies not only the implementation of appropriate financial solutions but also the assumption of significant responsibilities in terms of privacy and security, decision making and risk management. 

Examples of responsible care include protecting user data, proactively identifying and preventing scams, and taking responsibility for mistakes that are made. A responsible company is seen as a good corporate citizen and a catalyst for sustainable development.


Innovation is the value that has driven the growth of the Fintech industry. However, innovation is not just about launching products quickly, but about creating fresh solutions in an often extremely automated space. Fintech companies that prioritize innovation are those that think beyond traditional solutions and look for new ways to solve financial problems. Innovation is also a value that helps Fintech companies stay at the forefront of technological evolutions, which ensures survival in a future market.


Finally, Daniel Suero, a young financial expert and entrepreneur, who also believes that technology can make personal finance more convenient and accessible to all, explains that one of the most important values is customer service. In an industry that focuses on maximizing profits, customer service is one of the values that can help differentiate the Fintech company. Through exceptional customer service, companies can establish lasting relationships with customers.


Transparency, ethics, accountability, innovation, and customer service are the values that make the difference in the consumer’s decision to choose one company over another. 


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