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The lock icon will disappear from Chrome with version 117

MADRID, 3 (Portaltic/EP) Google will remove the lock icon from Chrome in version 117 of the browser, a change with which it hopes to make users aware of its meaning, for which it will replace it with a new design that give less confidence in the security of a website. The padlock icon in the address bar indicates that the connection between the browser and the web page is secure and cannot be manipulated by third parties, a fact that is also reflected in the presence of the ‘HTTPS’ protocol in the ‘url’ . However, a large part of users believe that the lock means that the website is safe, and that, as Google points out, the HTTPS extension -more than 95 percent of the pages currently loaded in Chrome on Windows- has spawned scam pages that also have HTTPS. In this context, Google has announced that it will replace the lock icon with a new one, which will be a more neutral variant of the tuner icon, with which they hope to encourage users to click on it to consult the site’s security controls, such as explains on the Chromium blog. This new icon will arrive with version 117 of Chrome, which the company plans to launch in September, along with a more general redesign of this browser for desktop mode. It will arrive at the same time on Android, but on iOS it will completely eliminate it as it is not a clickable icon. Google clarifies that they will continue to alert users when their connection is not secure and mark plain text HTTP as insecure.

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