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Sabatini on Sampdoria: “What’s happening is a tragedy”

Walter Sabatini, former manager of Salernitana, spoke about the situation of Sampdoria to the microphones of Telenord

Walter Sabatini, former manager of Salernitana, spoke about the situation of Sampdoria on the microphones of Telenord. His statements:

“Football is a tragedy. What is happening at Sampdoria is a tragedy and I live it as such. With great pain. Sampdoria cannot have a season like this and be relegated like this. The reasons are clear, there has been a corporate vacuum, a removal of everyone except the fans who are always there and are unshakable. The team was adrift although for a moment it seemed to try to face the games. Sampdoria in Serie B is a mourning for football. Not just for 50% of Genoa”.


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The III Commercial Window Decoration Contest in Córdoba is underway

Lances de Futuro presents the bases of the third edition of the Commercial Window Decoration Contest.
The company Lances de Futuro has announced in Córdoba the bases of the third edition of the Commercial Window Decoration Contest on the occasion of the celebration of the Bullfighting Fair of Córdoba 2023. An initiative that launches a year Lances de Futuro together with Centro Abierto Córdoba. Those commercial establishments that want and are located in the city of Córdoba can participate in this event. Registration will be available to the public from April 24. The registration deadline will be May 5. The bases can be consulted on the web www.lancesdefuturo.comEl The theme to be developed will be allegorical to the atmosphere of the Bullfighting Festival, also evaluating the following aspects such as: artistic quality, composition and lighting of the facilities. In addition to the maintenance of the traditional elements of the Fiesta de los Toros in the decoration of the shop windows. The shop windows must be prepared as of May 8, 2023. Including the poster of the Córdoba Bullfighting Fair in the shop window or door of the establishment. The jury will visit the shop windows between May 9 and 15. The jury will be made up of three people, one belonging to the company, another to the City Council and another person representing the businesses. The windows may not be dismantled before May 21, 2023, so that they can be seen during the days of the fair bullfighting from Córdoba. Exceptionally, the items for sale may be replaced by other similar ones that do not modify the decoration of the initial window. Participating businesses will send a photograph of the window mounted before May 10 to the following email [email protected] to publish on the web and/or networks of Lances de Futuro. The company will provide each business that requests it with posters of the bullfighting fair. As for the prizes, there are up to five prizes1. Prize. 100 euros and 4 tickets for the bulls. 2nd Prize. 50 euros and 3 tickets for the bulls. 3rd Prize. 4 tickets for the bulls. 4th Prize. 3 tickets for the bulls. 5th Prize. 2 tickets for the bulls. The winners will be published on May 18 on the Lances de Futuro website, the media, as well as their dissemination on the official social networks of Lances de Futuro. The entrepreneur of Lances de Futuro, José María Garzón, has highlighted that “we are once again holding this window display contest, which is in its third edition in Córdoba, and we are doing it, on the one hand, to collaborate with local businesses; and on the other to promote the world of bullfighting and our bullfighting fair in May among all Cordovans through its shops”.

Abascal’s verbal slip while defending the Spanish language: “They have written to us…”

Santiago Abascal starred a few days ago in one of the most notorious lapses in current politics. It was in Madrid, just before the pre-campaign gave way to the speed race that is the last two weeks before the citizens go to the polls for the 28m elections. The Vox leader was presenting the far-right party's candidates and made a plea in favor of Spanish in the classroom. Not oriented to the eternal debate of the other national languages ​​but emphasizing the negative that in some educational centers English prevails to the detriment of Spanish. "We're also a bit of a hick sometimes. And the children come who know the human body in English and don't know how to say knee in Spanish. It would also be convenient for Spanish to be valued and for fewer offices to be made, "he said, in clear reference to the observatory created by the PP for language management. Related News Elections 28M standard Yes The keys to a campaign that is the prelude to the general elections S.E. The final sprint for May 28 starts today. These elections will be key to measuring the pull of the PP, and also of Vox, to promote political change After that moment of vehement defense of the Spanish language above all things, Abascal went on to recall the moment in which Vox deputies they left the Congress in protest of the presence of the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro. elecciones_correo_0679 The campaign in 5 minutes The most outstanding information in your email since May 12 NO For this gesture, the politician wanted to remember, he received many congratulations, something that he expressed with a small kick to the dictionary, an obvious slip that nevertheless was not It has gone unnoticed on social media. Desktop code [email protected]_ABASCAL give me all the written verb 🙄 pic.twitter.com/NzEgsm5Dr5— 🔻Malamente®🔻 (@MalaMalamente) May 11, 2023 Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile code [email protected]_ABASCAL Conjugate me all the written verb 🙄 pic.twitter.com/NzEgsm5Dr5— 🔻Malamente®🔻 (@MalaMalamente) May 11, 2023 AMP Code [email protected]_ABASCAL conjugate me all the written verb 🙄 pic.twitter.com/NzEgsm5Dr5— 🔻Malamente®🔻 (@MalaMalamente) May 11, 2023 Code APP [email protected]_ABASCAL conjugate me all the written verb 🙄 pic.twitter.com/NzEgsm5Dr5— 🔻Malamente®🔻 (@MalaMalamente) May 11, 2023 "They have written (sic) us on social media," he said. An error that, given his immediately previous speech in defense of the language, has been the most commented among the always attentive tweeters.

Frontera Energy also wants to return two oil contracts to the Government

These are two contracts that it has in association with the Spanish company Repsol in the Caguan-Putumayo basin.

Adolfo and Rodolfo are an example of self-improvement

Adolfo and Rodolfo are an example of self-improvement

There’s a good reason Google restricts loan apps from accessing your data

Google will restrict access to sensitive user data, such as photos, videos, location, call logs and contacts, to apps that offer loans to individuals starting May 31. This measure is a response to the tactics used by some lenders that harass users. "Apps that offer personal loans, or whose primary purpose is to facilitate access to personal loans (i.e. lead generators or facilitators), are prohibited from accessing sensitive data such as photos and contacts," Google explains. A trend is emerging that has raised concerns, as some people who have acquired credit through mobile apps have been harassed by debt collectors. These collection agents have allegedly accessed the personal contacts of borrowers, informing friends and family of outstanding debts. In more extreme cases, lenders have used doctored images to further intimidate and distress debtors. Tragically, some of these people have succumbed to the pressure and have taken their own lives. Google initially responded by blocking hundreds and then thousands of personal loan apps on the Play Store, after being alerted by security forces and central banks. The company also introduced rules to ban unlicensed loan apps from the Android app store.

VIDEO. Closing of the Military Ostensions of Dorat: the relics will come out in...

This Sunday, June 4 was held the closing day of the Ostensions du Dorat (Haute-Vienne). Thirty-five delegations from surrounding municipalities paid homage to Saint Theobald and Saint Israel. Recognized by Unesco, it is a religious festival which is also part of folklore and which takes place every seven years.

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