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Nick Cave in Westminster

I also sat in front of the TV to attend the coronation ceremony of Carlos III. Without really knowing why. To watch the show, to listen to a splendid soundtrack, to see who arrived and how they arrived at Westminster, to see how the protagonists reacted? For everything a little. Why do the stories of Shakespearean kings still resonate in these types of rites, from the unfortunate to the misshapen, from the proud to the tragic, from the impetuous to the fragile?

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The owner of a store finds a graffiti in his premises and his revenge...

Juanfran Peñaranda, owner of a store, found graffiti on his banner and did not hesitate to take the law into his own hand. More and more people are dirtying the streets. Those who leave their cigarette butts on the beach, those with an empty potato bag on the ground, those with graffiti on the facade of a store, those who don't pick up the morning "gift" from the dog, and so on and on, in a country, Spain, in which each Spaniard generates almost 500 kilos of garbage per year. But we are going to stay with those of the graffiti and the “drawings”. Like those artists who smeared the blinds and the side walls of a little store in Chueca, in Madrid, to the despair and impotence of its owner. Well, the story that concerns us this morning is very similar, very similar, although the ending is quite different. This time, the artist has backfired. In 2006 nobody knew “Goatxa”. The name is invented and they say it means "The beautiful one". It is the name with which this store that printed clothes and other objects such as cups, caps, badges opened its doors... It is located in Juanfran Peñaranda, right in the historic center of the Valencian neighborhood of Benimaclet, and a few months ago in 'Herrera in COPE' they recovered this story. This is how Juanfran arouses interest in his store and his designs on the business website. It turns out that at the beginning of December of last year, it was Monday, when Juanfran went to open his store early in the morning, he found the signature of a graffiti artist on the banner of the store. He first got angry and thought "it's my turn to have the facade painted", but then he decided to turn the matter around. I have won 10,000 euros With them, Juanfran took a photo of the signature and went to the Registry of Patents and Trademarks to register that design. He later told the story on social media and announced that he was going to market his “new graffiti brand” on t-shirts. He thought that he would sell four or five, at most, but far from it, people began to ask him for t-shirts and in just four days he has sold more than 400 t-shirts with the text: “Brosa”. The success has been such that Juanfran is thinking of starting to stamp the signature on caps, key rings, sweatshirts, mugs and whatever it takes. If I have raised a joke and a thread, this cannot be closed. Imagine, a kid, because he is a safe kid, who has to come here with 1,000 euros to get his signature back. I found it very funny. For 1,000 euros I could even give it away, but because of the trolling, it seemed like a fantastic joke. First, that I clean my banderole, says Juanfran Peñaranda, taking all this with humor. The money goes to my father because the poor thing, he has been working all her life and he has non-contributory benefits. So, she was a little choked. This occurred to me, I already have my job and I earn my money. So what better Christmas present than you are already receiving. It has been very good for him, says the owner of the business, confessing in what he has invested the 10,000 euros that he has won as a result of the joke.

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Slight drop in temperatures in Sonora

Slight drop in temperatures in Sonora

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