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Never again ! : attacked by Malinois, Marlène was bitten and her poodle Prima killed

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Visiting Tarn-et-Garonne, in a stud farm, a woman living in Fonsorbes was attacked by dogs. She was bitten, her little dog killed. Back to a nightmare.

His left forearm bears a deep bite and his face the marks of an attack as violent as it is sudden. It was Wednesday April 26 in Mas-grenier, in Tarn-et-Garonne. Completely by chance, I accompanied a friend who had to pick up her granddaughters after an internship at a stud farm. We exited the parking lot, a little below and walked towards the stables. I held my dog, a small poodle, on a leash. Above me, I saw three Malinois. I understood quickly. The time to take my dog ​​in my arms, they were on top of me.

Thrown to the ground by the violence of the animal attack, Marlène finds herself on the ground and tries to protect herself as best she can. I held Prima, my furball, in my arms trying to protect her. The dogs, Malinois, were hyperaggressive. At least two bit me, bit my dog, I was scratched. A nightmare. The intervention of the owner of the premises puts an end to the aggression. Not to trauma.

The little dog was killed by the fangs of the attackers

I found myself alone. The people who were there, often with children, preferred to move on. I was covered in blood, my dog ​​unconscious. Nobody helped me. My friend, terrified, had gone to look for her husband. I found myself walking along the road, so shocked…

Her friend, whom she hadn’t seen for several years, comes back to help her. The two women go to a veterinarian in Montech. This professional can only note the death of Prima, bitten on the neck and disembowelled. Marlène ends up in the emergency room of Montauban hospital to be treated and sutured. My companion came to pick me up with a friend to take my car. It was Wednesday. I realize little by little. I posted a message on Facebook which was widely shared. Talking about it helps me a little to digest this aggression. Above all, I don’t want this to happen again.

Marlene was bitten on the forearm.

What if a child had been in my place?

Without news from the owner of the stud farm, Marlène, piano teacher, does not understand the violence shown by these dogs. The owner replied on social media that a sign prohibited the presence of dogs on the premises. I have not seen it. I don’t understand. This public place welcomes many children. What would have happened if in my place had been a child? It has to be secure. What I experienced should serve as an example. I don’t want this to happen again! Owners of large dogs need to be more vigilant.

This woman filed a complaint with the gendarmerie. Dogs that bite, with such aggression. They will start again. This is what should be avoided. Never again!

Some accusations are false, says stud manager

Fanny Lair is “stunned”. The manager of the Bellaly stud farm in Mas-Grenier has formally denied the accusations made against her by the piano teacher. “I do not understand these accusations, some are wrong in what she says. It’s serious. The manager of the equestrian center thus questions a publication on Facebook where she passes for “irresponsible which would endanger the lives of children in the equestrian center. »

Fanny Lair then insists on three points. First, she does not deny that Marlene’s dog was attacked by her dogs. But, according to her, “the attack did not occur in the parking lot but on the property since she was with her dog about fifty meters from the stable buildings. At first, I didn’t hear the screams. Between the children who were in training, and the parents, there were about forty people on the site. It was a mother and her little boy who alerted me. I immediately went to the scene. »

The manager then challenges the non-assistance to person in danger.“We phoned the vet for his dog who was seriously injured. She too had been bitten on the arm. On the face, we thought it was a trace of dried blood. Really, if we had thought it was serious we would have called the fire department. She left in the direction of the parking lot accompanied by her friend, with the dog to go to the veterinarian. We were four around her. For me, we had done everything we had to do. She did not leave alone for me, even if afterwards I learned that her friend had gone to call her husband in the village before coming back to pick her up. »

Of course, Fanny is sorry after the death of the dog and for the trauma of its owner. Nevertheless! the visitor had nothing to do with her animal at the equestrian center. “I love animals too much, too, to remain unmoved after such an event. I think the Malinois attacked the dog, before biting the owner on the arm who intervened. Visitor dogs are prohibited on the property, as indicated by a sign. Even if they are on a leash or in the arms of their owner. »

Finally, the manager ensures that no incident of this nature had occurred previously in this equestrian center. “I have had these dogs for three years, there has never been a problem. »

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