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Marinette: I overcame all these obstacles in my life, testifies the former footballer Marinette Pichon before the release of her biopic

I overcame all these obstacles in my life, testifies, in the Club info of franceinfo, Sunday May 21, the former French footballer Marinette Pichon before the release of her biopic. Marinette, directed by Virginie Verrier, will be released in theaters on June 7. It’s a point of pride, it’s also a great meeting between Virginie and me, and then the desire of two women to carry loud and clear impactful messages which, we hope, will change certain views of society, continues the former French international.

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Marinette Pichon is the first French player to have had a career in the United States and to have been crowned best player and top scorer. She held the record for a very long time, men and women alike, for goals scored in the France team. Through the story of Marinette Pichon, Virginie Verrier explores violence against women, her coming out, her homosexuality, her meeting with her disabled wife, emancipation through sport. The director explains, on franceinfo, that this film is a journey like a message of hope, very positive.

I know my life and yet I went through this extremely violent emotional elevator. A few days after the broadcast in private, it was complicated, because it brought back lots of memories, says Marinette Pichon. But in the end, I said to myself ‘wow I overcame all these obstacles in my life’, she concludes.

A lack of infrastructure in France for women’s football

If she has the impression that there are certain things that have been done to put an end to the inequalities between footballers and footballers, Marinette Pichon admits that in France we are still far from what comes from realize countries like England, Spain with their professional women’s leagues. The former player regrets the lack of infrastructure for women’s football.

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Marinette Pichon currently lives in Canada where she will commentate matches for the Women’s World Cup, which takes place from July 20 to August 20 in Australia. I have already received all the posters with matches which are however at 3:45 am, 10:15 am, so I do not believe that it is a question of programming, she comments on the subject of the broadcasting of matches in France. With less than two months to go, the competition still has no broadcaster in France.

I sincerely hope that FIFA will react to lower the access rights and allow broadcasters who want to come and buy the rights, says Marinette Pichon. For the former footballer, it is necessary for us to move forward and not suffer from this gray area, which we have been trying to get our heads out of for decades.

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Slight drop in temperatures in Sonora

Slight drop in temperatures in Sonora

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