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Inter and Juve, duel for Carlos Augusto

Inter and Juventus are chasing Carlos Augusto, the Monza fullback is having an excellent season and the two clubs are evaluating him

Inter and Juventus are chasing Carlos Augusto, the Monza fullback is having an excellent season and the two clubs are evaluating him.

According to what reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, this Italian derby could be on the market in the summer to try to grab the Brazilian.

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Seven news that have leaked today about iOS 17

Little by little, we begin to have a clearer idea of ​​the news that could come with iOS 17.

Now, a new Weibo post from the same source that correctly leaked the yellow iPhone 14 before its official announcement reveals new features: changes to the iPhone lock screen, new features for Apple Music and much more.*100004 *

New iOS 17 Features: Latest Leaks

Today's leak says that iOS 17 will include a number of changes to the iPhone lock screen, UI updates for Apple Music, and much more.

Here is a summary of the claims:

Changes to the Control Center user interface. Support for custom categories and other organization features for the App Library. Possibility to see the lyrics of Apple Music songs directly on the lock screen. Updates to the Apple Music user interface that reduce the amount of text in favor of new images and graphics. Support for sharing custom lock screen layouts with others, presumably similar to the existing support for sharing Apple Watch faces. Additional Lock Screen customization options for fonts, emoji wallpapers, and “other features.” "Stepless" adjustment of flashlight brightness, allowing more precise control. Currently, the brightness of the flashlight can only be adjusted in three "steps".

These new rumors build on previous Bloomberg leaks, which claim that iOS 17 will allow app sideloading (but only in the European Union), as well as changes to Search and the Wallet app.

Apple will officially announce iOS 17 in less than two months at WWDC 2023, starting on June 5.

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The child, who suffers from cancer, realized a dream by attending the OM match, his favorite team, in Ajaccio. He was molested by Corsican supporters

A look at the challenges of the green economy

In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in concern for the environment and the need to reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

Cristina Peláez demands Antonio Muñoz “fair play” and that he not use the City...

The Vox candidate for Mayor of Seville, Cristina Peláez, has demanded this Monday the socialist candidate to revalidate the position of mayor, Antonio Muñoz, "fair play in the remainder of the electoral campaign and to avoid using the City Council to make election campaign". Peláez has asked Muñoz, in this regard, to "play fair, to contain himself in the use of public resources for his own benefit and thus avoid being sanctioned again by the Electoral Board", while he has been "optimistic because In this electoral campaign, Vox is managing to reach its electorate, convey its message and receive affection, respect and consideration in all the neighborhoods of Seville". Given the latest polls, which attribute three mayors to Vox in the new local corporation, one more than in the current mandate, Peláez has highlighted "the growth of Vox and the strength" of his proposals. elecciones_andalucia_0682 28M Elections: Campaign Notebook The most outstanding information in your email since May 12 NO «As a candidate for mayor, I want to renew our commitment to our voters and I reiterate that, the stage opens as of Sunday, We are going to respect every vote we receive, because our voters demand zero waste, street safety, deep cleaning, opportunities for young people and lower taxes", he said, promising to "defend the interests of all Sevillians regardless of the neighborhood where they reside ». Related News Seville 2023 municipal elections standard No Who is Cristina Peláez, Vox candidate for the Seville 2023 municipal elections? Mercedes Benítez A lover of traditions, she is Pasión's sister and dresses as flamenco. She has three children, she is passionate and with character. She spends the summers in Rota and when she has time she makes paella «We are committed to the people of Seville and that is why we ask for a vote in self-defense. And finally, the Sevillians must think these days about what Seville they want; if more insecurity, dirt, mobility problems and a gray and uncertain future or, on the contrary, bet on the only possible alternative, brave, determined, without complexes and with the very clear ideas that my candidacy represents based on the principles and values ​​of Vox", he finished.

Incredible bad luck and own goal: relive Italy vs Colombia Selection

The Italians went ahead with Giacinti and Usme discounted but Ramos beat his own goalkeeper.

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Between a Russian army which is marking time and Ukrainian forces reinvigorated by international aid, Bakhmout has become the symbol of a war that is bogged down. Jérôme Pellistrandi, former general and director...

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