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Historic: Temuco adds $470 million to the security budget

The Municipal Council of Temuco approved the supplement of 470 million pesos, resources that will make it possible to comprehensively strengthen the actions carried out by the management, double the number of vehicles, hire more than 30 new inspectors and provide protection elements to officials.

The resources approved by the Municipal Council will allow adding 75 new inspectors to the current team, going from 44 to 102 in total, the increase in personnel will include growing from 20 patrol cars to 50, in relation to motorized personnel from 0 to 10, administrative staff, psychologists and a lawyer, in addition to increasing the bicycle lane safety team, the mayor insisted that safety is one of the priorities of his management and that despite the 53% increase, citizens demand more attention in The matter.

Mayor Roberto Neira, expressed his great satisfaction for the approval of the resources, “the proposal that we have presented has a single purpose, which is to restore security to the residents of our city, these new funds will allow us not to only to give security to our officials in the fulfillment of their functions, but also to reach more sectors, to be more present”, indicated the communal authority.

In terms of vehicles, a total of 16 vehicles will be contracted for the service, meeting the goal of 2 vehicles per macro sector, a significant increase compared to the 6 vehicles received from the previous administration.

Councilwoman Claudia Pañailillo, president of the Security Commission of the Municipal Council, “the approval of this administration proposal cost a lot, but that is important, it is always good that there is a debate in the Municipal Council, this budget increase It is justified by the unpublished study carried out by the municipality, which says that 13% of people have suffered an incident and 86% of people who have not had anything happen to them are afraid. For me, perception is super important, it cannot be normalized that people feel afraid and this cannot be minimized, it seems to me that what we are doing is correct, take the measures before… I cannot understand why what is spent on providing security to our officials is questioned, we cannot take inspectors out into the street with a little park, we must protect them accordingly”, he indicated.

Another of the significant advances that will allow the supplementation of resources is having a team of inspection personnel specifically for the recovery of public spaces occupied by informal commerce. This team will be made up of more than 30 collaborators and will have the support of the rest of the inspection team to ensure the effectiveness of the work to recover public spaces.

Councilman Estaban Barriga, president of the finance commission, pointed out, “we have approved these resources unanimously, but we have also requested that a mirror fund be created that allows culture and sports to be brought to the neighborhoods, so that the day tomorrow we do not have to invest in guards but in prevention, this approval of resources is historic, the previous administration invested a per capita of $7,000 pesos and today we are allocating $14,000 pesos, which will make us one of the cities with the highest security in the country”.

Mayor Roberto Neira revealed that, in addition, all inspection personnel of the Municipality of Temuco will be equipped and protected with radio communication, personal protection and ballistic implements “today unfortunately we do not have the possibility of delivering equipment to all our inspectors, which allows us to guarantee equipment for only 16 people of the 44 collaborators of preventive operations”, indicated the communal authority.

With this measure, it is expected to significantly improve the quality of public space and guarantee compliance with the rules and regulations on the matter, for the benefit of the entire community, the resources will be transferred to the association of Anzoma municipal associations of the area Araucanía metropolitan area and it is expected that it will be 100% operational during the second half of this year.

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