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Google: soon prevention messages during searches related to suicide

“People often turn to Google search in some
of their most vulnerable moments,” wrote Megan Jones Bell, Consumer Director
and mental health at Google, in a

blog post. In order to help these people in crisis, the giant of the
technology will soon integrate

pre-written text messages

in its search results including

suicide-related terms.

Encourage people to ask for help

These messages, created in partnership with the International Association for
suicide prevention, aim to reduce

“the stigma attached to asking for help, which helps people
people to get support in times of crisis,” said Megan Jones Bell. They encourage users to

get in touch with people you trust,
and make available to them

message templates ready to send.

Among the models displayed, there are for example:

“It’s hard to say, but I have painful thoughts and it
could help me talk, are you available? »


“I am having difficulties at the moment and I need to speak to
someone – can we talk? »

Each message is then accompanied by a “Send a text” button which
allows toopen a messaging applicationand

paste the message

inside. No details were given regarding operation on the version

This isn’t Google’s first move to help people
suicides on its search engine or other platforms, such as
Youtube. In 2022, the Mountain View firm had already used

artificial intelligence

to detect searches made by people in a state of
. He then directed them to the necessary resources
to help them cope with the situation and get back on their feet.

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