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Eco-Moto T4 PRO 2023: This is the price of one of the cheapest electric cars in the world

During the Puebla Fair -from April 27 to May 14- the Eco-Moto electric mini car ‘T4 PRO 2023’ was presented.

And according to the Mexican vehicle company , the 2023 Eco-Moto T4 PRO is one of the cheapest electric cars in the world.

Well, according to Eco-Moto, the 2023 T4 PRO is currently priced at*100008 * less than 150 thousand Mexican pesos.

This is the price of the Eco-Moto T4 PRO 2023

At the Puebla Fair, the company Eco-Moto presented the currently cheapest electric car in the world, the T4 PRO 2023.

According to the company, the T4 PRO 2023 has a cost of 154 thousand 900 pesos in any color or color combination (including designs , decals and logos).

This mini electric car has space for three passengers and ite plugs into any home 110V/120V port.

Its full charge, which is to choose between 50 and 100 kilometers, it would cost between 5 and 6 pesos on the electricity bill.

This is because the T4 PRO 2023 has:

3000W motor of powerLifepo4 60V batteries with a choice of capacity

However, one of its biggest flaws would be that despite being fully equipped, the car has a maximum speed of 50 – 55 km/h.*100030 * View this post on Instagram

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Eco-Moto T4 PRO 2023 isn’t it a car?

Even though Eco-Moto sells the T4 PRO 2023 as a car, according to some users makes use of motorcycle license plates, within the group of ATVs.

In addition, users pointed out that the 2023 T4 PRO does not have airbags, so it could not be marketed as a car.

Regarding security, Eco-Moto only specifies that the 100 percent electric vehicle has:

Alarm with immobilizer EngineRemote power locksFront and rear disc brakes

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