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‘Daam’ Virus Steals Call Records, Reads History from Android Phones; Central Agency Issues Advisory

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Futsal / Arab Championship: Group draw this Tuesday in Saudi Arabia

The Atlas-Futsal Lions, reigning Arab champions, are about to put their 2022 trophy on the line as part of the 2023 edition.

the constituent draw of the groups.

12 nations are concerned:
Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Algeria, Palestine, Mauritania, Comoros and in principle Sudan which could however forfeit due to the fratricidal war currently taking place there.

The 7th edition will take place in Saudi Arabia from June 6 to 18.

-1st edition (Egypt 1998): Egypt Champion
-2nd edition (Egypt 2005): Egypt Champion
- 3rd edition (Libya 2007): Libya Champion
- 4th edition (Egypt 2008): Libya Champion
- 5th edition (Egypt 2021): Morocco Champion
-6th edition (Saudi Arabia 2022): Morocco Champion
-7th edition (Saudi Arabia 2023): ?

Ukraine, live coverage – USA confirms: “American patriot possibly damaged by Russian missiles”. Former...

A US official told CNN that the US anti-missile system was damaged by an attack from Moscow. Nicholas Maime, a retired US Army Special Forces soldier who had served for more than 20 years, was killed in the city under siege for months. Putin: "We fight against direct followers of Nazism"

Ukraine article, live broadcast - USA confirms: "American patriot possibly damaged by Russian missiles". Former US soldier killed in Bakhmut comes from Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Dibrugarh-Bound IndiGo Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Guwahati Airport

Minister of State in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India was on board flight, 6E 2652, when it made the emergency landing in Guwahati.

Trump’s ex-lawyer persists: his book landed him in jail

Donald Trump's legal streak continues. Dismissed by the courts in November 2022, the former lawyer for the ex-president is appealing the decision. He believes that Trump and the Department of Justice voluntarily imprisoned him, in July 2020, because of the forthcoming publication of a book in which he promised to reveal everything...

Recommended: ‘The napalm girl’ tells her life

Recommended: 'The napalm girl' tells her life

The Tuxtla Gutiérrez city council will grant rescued canines up for responsible adoption

The Tuxtla Gutiérrez City Council, through the Municipal Health Secretariat, announces that due to the good sanitary condition and physical recovery of the canines rescued in the past, it informs the public that it makes 8 available for responsible adoption. of the 12 canines that the City Council still has under protection; In this regard, those interested should call 9616125511 extension 2226 or go to the offices of the Directorate for Protection against Sanitary Risks located on the 2nd north between central street and 1st east (overpass) of this city, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., to request…

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