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Crucifixions, torture, mechs and missiles: what happens in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Only a few days ago we wrote about how The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the new title in the series, already a blockbuster, delivered into the hands of the gamer the right and the duty to think outside the box. But we never imagined what would happen in just one week.

It’s not even likely that Eiji Aounuma and Hidemaro Fujibayashi, the two creators of the game, thought so, even if by their own admission the Ultramano was conceived as a tool, a series of development tools used in the making of Breath of The Wild, prequel to Tears of the Kingdom.

To understand what is happening in the fantastic kingdom of Hyrule, it is necessary to know that the Ultraman is a sort of bionic limb that gives the hero of Zelda, who is called Link, many abilities, especially those of moving and assembling items and combine and create weapons and armaments. This possibility has literally unleashed the creativity, imagination and even a little morbidity of gamers, sometimes with amazing, complex and certainly hilarious results, which can also be admired on social networks.

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nintendo devs: works tirelessly and exhaustively for 6 years straight, implementing new and thought-provoking game mechanics into Tears of the Kingdom for players to explore

the players: pic.twitter.com/Wz5sLiaf1o*100016 *— liccnuke (@liccnuke) May 14, 2023

The invasion of the Ultrapeni and the new forms of crafting

What can I do if I have two round rocks and a menhir? Naturally I can combine the various elements in order to create a very useful male sexual organ to be handled as a cudgel against the bosses of the game. Examples of the inspiration of gamers are multiplying, flamethrower totems stand proud in the prairies of Hyrule, bold scarecrows trot gracefully and water green pastures. And of course the number of rocket penis and flying penis is soaring in the skies.

Before stifling a cry of indignation thinking of the blush that surfaces on the cheeks of the ethereal princess Zelda, it must be said that one of the cardinal rules that guide the creativity of gamers has been widely respected: give a user free access to any editor and the representations of male genitalia will multiply.

Korok BBQ v2 pic.twitter.com/gYerJC5Zfk

— Oyff (@Oyffie) May 14, 2023

Torture devices for korogu

In the world of Tears of the Kingdom, many shy creatures called korogu are encountered. Many are alone and seek to reunite with their fellows. One of Link’s tasks is to bring these cute little creatures together: as a reward he will receive some seeds, a very valuable upgrade currency.

The almost infinite possibilities offered by the game allow Link not only to move the poor Korogu to reunite them with their friends, but to create complex devices to torture them.

The hilarious embezzlements to the korogu have quickly become a trend: right now two large kinds of creations are depopulating, namely Crucifixation and Rocket Ejection. In the first case, as can be easily understood, they are crosses, preferably on fire, and the beloved Link is only missing a white hood to be confused with a member of the Ku Klux Klan. This genre has an interesting BBQ sub-variant, represented by the creation of complex barbecues on which to sizzle the tender korogu. Naturally nothing that hasn’t already been seen in any saga about the piglet in Sardinia.

The second genre instead involves hooking the creatures to rockets, more or less refined, and shooting them anywhere. As for the Ultrapenis, also the videos starring the korogu, posted on TikTok and Twitter, have thousands of views.

However, one should not think of being faced with a new, perverse range of content: on this front, the creativity of gamers has already been widely expressed, with the most famous example being that of the deaths of the Sims. Over the years, users have competed to make the little characters pass in the most imaginative ways, reaching Darwin Prize peaks.

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This is getting ridiculous [email protected]
by u/CheahNz in tearsofthekingdom

Fighter planes, tanks and mechs

In Tears of the Kingdom the possibility of experimenting is really high, depending on the user’s ability to profitably use the devices and materials scattered around Hyrule. Where there are those who limit themselves to building, with difficulty, a raft or a hovercraft, there are those who, like a certain SoulBanana0, assemble perfectly functional jets.

Other gamers prefer the green plains of Hyrule, to be explored driving a mech, one of those typical Japanese robots featured in manga and anime: seeing them piloted by Link is as fun as it is alienating. And then there are complex war machines and even tanks, loads of oddities that, however amazing and irreverent, are probably only the beginning of what The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will show us in the future.

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