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Couple separates and throws the dog in the trash, rescued by Oipa volunteers

His owners split up and he was thrown in the trash. This is the sad story of the dog Pietro, so renamed by whoever found and rescued him, a volunteer of Oipa, the International Organization for the Protection of Animals. The animal was found in the middle of an expanse of waste, exhausted and with a high fever. “Look: this is the humanity that people have. A bowl of water, two croquettes and a dog thrown in the middle of an expanse of waste”, denounces the association via social media.

The dog was rescued by a member of OIPA who, alerted by the call of an inhabitant of the Ragusa municipality of Vittoria, intervened on the spot, finding Pietro exhausted among the rubbish. Although the traffic police had already been alerted, no one actually intervened, with the exception of a man of foreign origins who, once he realized the situation, had brought some food to the dog.

The critical condition of the dog

“High fever, crazy blood counts, severe anemia and an incredible infestation of ticks. Crouched on an expanse of waste, he barely moved”, these are the words of the volunteers on the conditions in which the dog was in his state of abandonment. The animal would be suffering from leishmaniasis and ehrlichia. His conditions are still quite serious, but he is continuing his course of treatment with the help of volunteers from the Anpana association.

“Pietro is recovering, he has also returned to wagging his tail happily while playing with the ball – the OIPA volunteers report on the social channels – of course it will take time and other treatments to return to what it was before”. A story that hopefully has a happy ending. It is certainly not our four-legged friends who have to pay the price of a separation on their skin. The wish is that he will recover soon and maybe even find a new adoptive family.

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