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City’s great offer to leave Barcelona without Gundogan

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Theft of votes by mail and escort for postmen: the electoral battle intensifies in...

Agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard accompany the delivery men after having suffered five assaults in two days, in which some 80 ballot envelopes were stolen by mail

Spain and the Ukrainian counteroffensive

The visit to Spain of the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikovv, has not only served to thank his counterpart Margarita Robles for the delivery of the first six Leopard 2A4 tanks that will arrive in Ukraine before the end of the month. Neither has he limited himself to recognizing Spain's contribution to the defense of Ukraine against the Russian invasion with the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Spanish territory, or the assistance provided to soldiers and officers wounded in combat. The press conference that both ministers held has revealed a greater political involvement of Spain in the war unleashed by Vladimir Putin than previously assumed. According to Reznikov, the prominent role that the government of Pedro Sánchez played in the constitution of the so-called Leopard coalition contributed significantly to overcoming German reluctance to grant the necessary permission as a manufacturer of the tanks for their delivery to the Ukrainian Army. This is not a minor issue since the Leopards not only mean increasing the firepower of the Ukrainian Army, but also constitute the spearhead of the counteroffensive that Kiev wants to unleash to recover territory in Donbas and, probably, part of the coasts. of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea that have been occupied by Russia. Keep reading....

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Sources said the 80-year-old Howrah Bridge, or Rabindra Setu, last underwent a health audit in 1983, which was completed in 2003

Costa reaffirms commitment to NATO and anticipates reinforcement

The Prime Minister, António Costa, today reaffirmed Portugal's commitment to NATO and anticipated that the July summit, in Lithuania, will be an opportunity for the allies to reinforce their unity in the defense of peace.

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