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CAN U17: Which referee trio for the Morocco-Senegal final this Friday?

Gabonese referee Tanguy Mbiame.

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NO to the future of water | Article

and. Only with an enormous citizen effort and a General Water Law that guarantees that decisions are made with broad participation and with transparency, we will be able to open the doors to the future of water.

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Orange weather alert today in Emilia Romagna, yellow in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Marche, Campania, Lazio, Molise, Puglia and Sicily. The Civil Protection, due to bad weather, has issued a series of weather warnings in various Italian regions in the last few hours. This is because today, and also tomorrow, heavy rains and heavy thunderstorms are expected over half of Italy. The […]

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The national deputy remarked that he would like a Peronism that expands to go looking for those who are not close today.

Nick Cave in Westminster

I also sat in front of the TV to attend the coronation ceremony of Carlos III. Without really knowing why. To watch the show, to listen to a splendid soundtrack, to see who arrived and how they arrived at Westminster, to see how the protagonists reacted? For everything a little. Why do the stories of Shakespearean kings still resonate in these types of rites, from the unfortunate to the misshapen, from the proud to the tragic, from the impetuous to the fragile?

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Blizzard confirms that Diablo IV will do without the map overlay

MADRID, 19 (Portaltic/EP) Blizzard has confirmed that the Diablo IV game will not have the interactive map superimposed on the screen, which places the character at a certain point in the open world region offered by the title. Diablo IV is a video game that the company plans to launch on June 6 and that will be available for both next-generation consoles -PlayStation 5 (ps5) and Xbox Series X|S-, as well as for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC. This is the fourth installment of an action and role-playing franchise created by Blizzard, which, among other features, introduces the so-called interactive map, which places players on the video game stage. Until now, this resource was displayed as a map overlay, thanks to which users could consult the entire map of the open world region in real time without having to stop moving on it and pause the game action. This tool was available in both the first Diablo game and the second game, Diablo 2. In Diablo 3, it was replaced by a smaller map located in the upper right corner of the screen. After making the beta of the video game available to carry out its corresponding tests before launching it on the global market, in which this small map was included in the corner of the interface, the company has decided to discard the superimposed map for the final version. This has been confirmed by Blizzard's senior vice president, Rod Fergusson, who has commented that the developer has no plans at the moment to keep this overlay map in this action role-playing video game (ARPG, for its acronym in English). In this way, the manager suggests that Diablo IV will show a smaller map in the upper corner of the interface and it will not be superimposed as in previous installments of the franchise.

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