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BYD targets innovative tech to challenge Tesla

BYD seems to be focusing on new driver assistance technology to directly compete with Tesla’s Autopilot. Tesla Autopilot has been around for years and is one of the automaker’s most outstanding technologies.

According to Tesla, its vehicles are the safest in history, thanks to the unique design and powertrain. On the other hand, its Autopilot is standard in all cars – and it’s not that innovative when compared to the current suites of advanced driver assistance systems that are already available in the market.

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In what appears to be a direct dispute with Musk’s automaker, BYD will present a new advanced security system in the third quarter of this year, as revealed in the HiEV Research Institute report.

The novelty will bring technology with a high-speed navigation-assisted steering function, called DNP; This system will work like Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot, which allows the car to change lanes and even enter or leave highways, while the driver supervises and possibly takes over if needed.

Apparently, BYD’s proposal is to provide a driving system that competes directly with existing technologies on the market, such as Tesla and Xpeng XNGP. As part of the innovation, the BYD project may receive future updates to also cover city street regions, such as Tesla’s Full Self-Driving.

According to Car News China, the first BYD vehicle to debut the technology will be the 2023 BYD Han. Reports point out that the novelty will also be available in BYD’s F premium brand.

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