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Bottled water: supplier companies work 100%; compare level of demand with the harvest

The main water supply companies, both natural and mineralized, work at 100% of their production, and in the case of those with semi-surge wells, alternate extraction to balance them.

Logistics is also in full swing to be able to supply the population, as in the middle of the seasonal harvest. However, the majority of people cannot find water to buy in the usual shops in the area and they have to visit several.

The Federation of Drinking Workers (Foeb) told Underlined that they work double shifts and practically no days off to be able to replace the population’s consumption of OSE water with bottled water.

Continue reading Sales of bottled water tripled compared to the same period in May 2022, according to a report

The situation is corroborated by the merchants.

“People come and make reservations, they leave paid drums to make sure they have water,” said a merchant.

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