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Atalanta, emergency on the wings: against Verona only with Maehle and Zappacosta on the sides

Against Verona, Atalanta have counted wingers: no pure substitutions and technical-tactical readjustments to compensate

The side bands once represented the cornerstone of Atalanta, while now it has turned into a real ordeal: not so much for what you see on the pitch (apart from the improvements the nerazzurri need) but from the point of injuries.

Against Verona, the nerazzurri will take the field with Maehle and Zappacosta (who risks being warned, and therefore missing the match against Inter) as full-backs, remembering that the various Hateboers, Ruggeri and Soppy: who ended the season prematurely. A switch to the 4-man defense in the current game to compensate for this absence cannot be ruled out, not without some readjustments of the defenders.

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