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Actor is detonated after Paulo Vieira exposes that he was threatened when giving a note on ‘Dance of the Famous’

The participation of the comedian Paulo Vieira in the painting “Dança dos Famosos”, from “Domingão com Huck”, this Sunday, 14, is giving something to talk about on social networks. This is because the artist distributed a score of 10 to all participants and, on Twitter, explained the reason: “After much insistence from my friend Lu [Luciano Huck], I will be a judge of the ‘Dança dos Famosos’. I gave everyone a 10 because I don’t want to be threatened by any other actor in the house.” The global artist would have sent an audio to Paulo’s advisory giving the “biggest piti” and saying that he would catch the comedian on the way out of Projac. The followers, of course, were curious to know who the actor made the threat and quickly rescued the notes given by the comedian during his participation as a judge of “Super Dança dos Famosos”, in July 2021.

At the time, Paulo gave 10 to all participants, except for Marcello Melo Jr., who received 9.9 when dancing pasodoble. The presenter of “Big Therapy” did not confirm whether it was, in fact, Marcello who made the threat, but the artist began to be attacked on social networks. Many people went to Marcello’s last post on Instagram and left comments regarding the subject. “5.8 for the awful behavior,” one person wrote. “6.8 because of the tantrum”, mocked another. “I love the internet and that’s why I came to give you a note just because of the tantrum: 8.7”, added another. “Note pity, what a cardboard huh”, shot a follower. “You have to give it a 10 otherwise he gets mad,” declared another. Marcello did not comment on the matter.

Followers criticized and made jokes in a post by Marcello Melo Jr. on Instagram – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/marcellomelojr

I gave everyone a 10 because I don’t want to be threatened by any other actor in the house pic.twitter.com/y4e7bwlhxq

— PAULO VIEIRA (@PauloVieiraReal) May 14, 2023

Only to be the
Marcello Melo Júnior, in the #SuperDANÇAdosFamosos of 2021. (07/25/21)

Paulo Vieira gave him a 9.9 on PASODOBLE. pic.twitter.com/InIJsCR1PR

— Lady Miss Ⓥ (@LadySenhorita) May 14, 2023

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