HomeTechTV ratings yesterday April 26, 2023: Upstream in constant decline

TV ratings yesterday April 26, 2023: Upstream in constant decline

TV ratings yesterday 26 April 2023: Controcorrente closes with 492,000 viewers for a 3.3% share

Canale 5 wins hands down in last night’s TV ratings with the second leg of the Coppa Italia Inter-Juventus, followed by 7,519,000 spectators with a 34.6% share. Second position for Rai1 with I go back and change my life, which conquered 2,535,000 spectators equal to a 12.4% share. Bronze medal for Who has seen it? on Rai3 with 2,034,000 viewers and an 11.4% share.

Regarding TV ratings yesterday 26 April 2023 for the other networks: the premiere of Hearts and crimes – Engagement with murder on Rai2 with 794,000 spectators (3.8%), The revolt of the exes on Italia 1 with 935,000 spectators ( 4.5%), Controcorrente – Prime Evening on Rete 4 with an a.m. of 492,000 spectators (3.3%), Anna and the King on La7 with 517,000 spectators (2.9%), If you run away, I marry you scored 290,000 spectators (1.5%), There is no more religion on Nine with 307,000 spectators (1.5%) .

Listen to TV yesterday April 26, 2023 in access prime time

Rai1 regains first place in TV ratings yesterday 26 April 2023 in prime time access with Cinque Minutes, which obtains 4,013,000 spectators and a 20.3% share. Affari Tuoi reaches 4,409,000 spectators with a 19.6% share. Followed by the other networks: Striscia la Notizina on Canale 5 with 4,381,000 spectators (21.8%), N.C.I.S. on Italia 1 with 1,469,000 viewers (7%), Il Cavallo e la Torre on Rai3 with 1,278,000 viewers (6.2%), Stasera Italia on Rete 4 with 785,000 viewers (3.8%) in the first part and 650,000 viewers (2.8 %) in the second part, Otto e Mezzo on La7 with 1,403,000 spectators (6.3%).

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