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Terrified, 70% of the inhabitants of Xochimilco due to the perception of security

Neighbors denounce increased violence, lack of public services and null authority of the mayor of Xochimilco

Rodrigo Carmona

Almost 70 percent of the inhabitants of the Xochimilco mayor’s office, headed by José Carlos Acosta Ruiz, live with a fearful perception of insecurity, due to different criminal activities, confirmed the Survey
National Urban Public Security (ENSU) in its report for the first quarter of 2023 carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). This while residents of towns, neighborhoods and
neighborhoods, request the revocation of the mayor’s mandate, since they denounce the increase in violence, lack of public services and the absence of the morenista as an authority.

According to what was presented in the report, 69.5% of the residents of Xochimilco perceive insecurity in their territory, a figure that represents around 307 thousand 313 inhabitants in the territory, if the INEGI population census is taken into account .

The report indicates that in Xochimilco greater insecurity is perceived when visiting ATMs, since 80.2% of its population, which represents about 354 thousand 626 inhabitants, confirmed their position in the study. In the same way, but within the public transport of the mayor’s office, 78.1% of the population confirmed feeling unsafe when using it.

While activities such as carrying valuables scare the inhabitants, since it is noted that 68.3% of them, representing 302 thousand 007 settlers, prefer not to carry valuables when walking
on the streets. Insecurity in Xochimilco leads families to prevent minors from taking to the streets, as confirmed by 69.1% of the territory’s inhabitants.

Despite the alarming of these figures, the population of Xochimilco does not feel protected by police elements, since 42.9% of the inhabitants assure that they do not trust the uniformed elements. According to the statistical bulletin of the criminal incidence in the CDMX of the Prosecutor’s Office, they indicate that in March there were 295 investigation folders for crimes against property, it should be noted that not many denounce so the number would be double.

Finally, and according to reports made to the authorities of the Prosecutor’s Office or the Secretariat of Citizen Security, the territory of José Acosta Ruiz has the highest number of reports for criminal acts such as rape and/or family violence.* 100019*

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