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Slight drop in temperatures in Sonora

For this Thursday, in Sonora, due to the effects of the Cold Front No. 48, which will lose intensity during the morning, in the northwestern region of the state, partly cloudy sky conditions are expected in said region, with winds of 10 to 20 km /h and gusts of 50 to 60 km/h and little probability of rain, with a slight drop in temperatures, expected for the rest of the State clear skies to partly cloudy, without rain, morning environment from cold to cool, with values ​​from 12 to 16 centigrade in the northern and northeastern regions and from 5 to 7 in the mountains bordering Chihuahua and a temperate to warm environment during the day from 29 to 34°C, mainly in the central and southern regions. At dawn, a cool to cold environment in mountainous areas with temperatures between 5 and 7 centigrade, while in the center of the state temperatures will oscillate between 10 and 18 centigrade. In the area of ​​the great Altar Desert, maximum temperatures of 30 are expected. to 36 centigrade as for the northwest of the state today, while nights and dawns could register temperatures between 12 and 15 centigrade. In the mountains and the north of the state, maximum temperatures will be less than 28 centigrade and from 29 to 31 centigrade in the center and south during the day. The thermometer will be marking between 12 to 16 centigrade in the north and northeast of the state and 5 centigrade and even lower in the bordering mountains with the neighboring state of Chihuahua. The population is called upon to heed the recommendations of the port captaincies for the upper Gulf of California, since wind gusts of 60 kilometers per hour are expected. Hermosillo woke up with temperatures between 17 to 19 centigrade with relative humidity of 40 percent. cent, a maximum of 34 centigrade is expected for today, clear to partly cloudy skies, with no probability of rain, with an index of UV rays at an extreme value of 9 to 10. Yesterday the maximum was 36.5 centigrade. Tomorrow a maximum temperature of 29°C and a minimum of 12 degrees Celsius could be recorded, with no probability of rain. Ciudad Obregón woke up with 15 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 52 percent. A maximum of 30 centigrade is expected for today, mostly clear skies and no chance of rain, with a UV index at a high value of 9 to 10. Yesterday the maximum was 35 centigrade and a maximum temperature of 30 with a minimum of 13 centigrade and no chance of rain. With information from the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), State Water Commission (CEA), Municipal Civil Protection Units (UMPC), Sonora State Plant Health Committee (CESAVESON) and official United States meteorological services.

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