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Reflections on World Voice Day. By Moisés Sáez Garrido Academic Phonoaudiology Andrés Bello University Concepción Headquarters

Every April 16 we celebrate World Voice Day, an opportunity to reflect on the importance of this vital tool that allows us to communicate and connect with the world. As a speech pathologist, I am committed to promoting voice care awareness and educating people on how to maintain a healthy voice.
Voice is an essential tool for human communication. It allows us to speak, sing, express ourselves, share our emotions and connect with others. However, we do not give it the necessary importance and do not take proper care of it. Excessive or incorrect use of the voice can lead to disorders and injuries to the vocal folds, which can affect our ability to speak and communicate.
A healthy voice is important not only for our social and professional lives, but also for our overall health. For example, a weak or hoarse voice may be a sign of an underlying health problem, such as a respiratory infection or vocal fold injury.
So how can we take care of our voice? First of all, it is important to avoid excessive or incorrect use of the voice, such as shouting or speaking in noisy environments. Also, it is recommended not to expose yourself to sudden changes in temperature, to very dry and dusty environments. Likewise, it is suggested to avoid excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
It is essential to maintain good hydration, since drinking enough water helps keep our voice hydrated. In addition, maintaining a healthy diet helps prevent diseases that can affect the voice. Vocal warm-up exercises are advised before prolonged or intense voice use.
In conclusion, on this World Voice Day, it is important that we reflect on the importance of our voice and its fundamental role in our lives. Through it, we can express our feelings, thoughts and emotions to the world. But, like any other part of our body, our voice also needs care and attention. Taking care of our voice not only benefits us in terms of physical health, but also allows us to connect with others and express ourselves effectively.
Therefore, I invite you to take action today. Take a few minutes to learn more about how to take care of your voice and put these simple but useful recommendations into practice for your daily use. Don’t forget to share this message with your loved ones and the community so everyone can join this movement for a healthier voice.

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