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Recommended: ‘The napalm girl’ tells her life

The Vietnamese Kim Phuc, known as the napalm girl for a historic photo taken in 1972 during the Vietnam War, presented the first Spanish edition of her book La Ruta del Fuego, in which she narrates the story of her life and path towards forgiveness. (See: Recommended from Portfolio: The secrets of success on platforms). Phuc, recalled that June 8, 1972 when the photographer Nick Ut portrayed the moment in which the girl ran terrified, naked and with serious burns on her body as a result of a napalm bombing during the Vietnam War. In his book he tells the testimony of his life, his years spent in Vietnam; in Cuba, where she studied medicine; and finally to Canada where she defected with her husband, and became an activist for children’s rights and peace. Phuc claimed that at one point in her life she converted to Christianity and she was able to forgive her enemies, including the American pilots who were in charge of the bombing. The woman recalled that after the iconic photograph, she spent 3 days in a morgue because they gave her no hope of life, and that she then remained hospitalized for 14 months, to then undergo various treatments and therapies throughout her life. Phuc, who now runs a foundation that helps children around the world, thanked Costa Rica for its support for the translation and launch of his book in Spanish, the English edition of which was published in 2017. The idea of ​​translating the book into Spanish arose on former Costa Rican ambassador to Canada, Mauricio Ortiz, who met Phuc during those functions and set himself the goal of making the translation a reality, for which he obtained private support through donations from Costa Rican businessmen, as well as the organizational and logistical collaboration of the Foreign Ministry. Phuc is accompanied in Costa Rica by the photojournalist Ut. The book and the photograph of La niña de napalm represent a faithful denunciation of the atrocities suffered by victims of armed conflicts and a call to the States to draw up the necessary actions to curb violence and promote a culture of peace, from childhood. ‘Unfinished Stories’, by Collective Creation. Stamp:https://historias-inconclusas.verdadabierta.com/

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