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Milan-Naples: the Devil loves Italian derbies

Milan-Naples, against the Azzurri it will be an absolute first in the Champions League. But the Devil in Europe loves Italian derbies

Italy will follow Milan-Naples with great attention, the first act of the fratricidal challenge of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. With the awareness that the elimination will be painful, perhaps even more than with a foreign opponent. Milan has a very favorable tradition against the Italians, even if the match against Napoli is unprecedented. The last time dates back to 2005 and it was the double derby with Inter. A triumph: 2-0 in the first leg, 3-0 at the table in the second leg.

And it brings well but not very well: the Devil earns the final in that year, however ending up in the clutches of Liverpool in an absurd last act. A lower price to pay than what happened two years earlier. Unforgettable: Milan takes out their cousins ​​first and then Juve in the final at Old Trafford. And he does it without winning a single race! Two draws with Inter (0-0 in the first act and 1-1 away from home), penalties with a final conversion by Shevchenko in Manchester. It’s almost impossible to get more…
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