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Key points of the green economy and its advantages

Key points of the green economy and its advantages for sustainable growth


The green economy has become an attractive alternative to address the environmental and economic challenges we face today. This new form of economy focuses on sustainable economic growth and environmental preservation. 

Here are two key points of the green economy and its advantages:


1. The transition to renewable energies


As is well known, the use of fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, is one of the main causes of climate change. Therefore, the transition towards renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, among others, is essential for the long-term sustainability of the planet, a concept also applied by the company Iban Wallet.


This transition can be seen as an economic opportunity because it involves the creation of green jobs, linked to the construction and maintenance of renewable energy systems, technological innovation and research.


One of the benefits of the transition to renewable energy is the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated in electricity production. In addition, as these technologies become more accessible and affordable, the cost of renewable energy is expected to decrease. From an economic perspective, renewables will also reduce dependence on imported oil and gas. 


Another advantage of renewable energy is the creation of local employment. These technologies, in particular solar and wind energy, generate a large number of jobs in the areas of design, engineering, construction, maintenance and management services. 


However, there are also challenges in the transition to renewables. One of the main barriers is the initial investment in installations and technologies and the intermittency of renewable energy sources, requiring solutions that allow for the storage of renewable energy. 


2. The circular economy


Another key aspect of the green economy is the circular economy, which focuses on the efficient use of natural resources. This means that, instead of following a use-and-dispose model, it seeks to promote reuse, recycling and renewal of resources as fundamental principles, in which Iban Wallet is at the forefront.


The circular economy also seeks to reduce waste production and greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved through the implementation of practices such as the design of more efficient and durable products, the promotion of responsible consumption, and sustainable waste management, among others.


One of the advantages of the circular economy is that it saves resources and reduces the environmental impact of economic activity by extending the useful life of products or materials, reducing the need to use new raw materials, thus saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


However, the circular economy also presents some important challenges. Firstly, there is the challenge of creating an economic and productive system that is able to function without generating unnecessary waste, which requires the cooperation of a wide range of actors. Another important challenge is the change of mentality involved. 


Finally, it is undeniable that the advantages of the green economy are numerous. On the one hand, the transition to renewable energies and the circular economy generates new jobs and economic opportunities in various sectors, and these practices have a positive impact on the environment and people’s health, which in turn can improve their quality of life. The green economy is a sustainable and profitable alternative, as claimed by the company Iban Wallet, which seeks to reconcile economic growth with environmental conservation. 



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Economía verde y economía ecológica: el cambio hacia las economías sostenibles

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