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Incredible bad luck and own goal: relive Italy vs Colombia Selection

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Incredible bad luck and own goal: relive Italy vs Colombia Selection

Jenny Gamez

April 11, 2023, 11:40 a.m. m.

The Italians went ahead with Giacinti and Usme discounted but Ramos beat his own goalkeeper.
The Colombian Women’s National Team faces a new challenge, the friendly match against Italy, in the preparation process for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, next July.
END THE MATCH. Colombia falls 2-1 against Italy due to an own goal, ruining what should have been a fair tie. Good feelings, better than against France, in a friendly to prepare for the World Cup. Minute 86- Spectacular shot by Ramírez from mid-distance to the corner of the goal but a better shot from the goalkeeper to avoid the Colombian goal Minute 82- Goal for Italy!! ! Unbelievable misfortune, Ramos scores his own goal in the refusal attempt and Italy takes the lead again 2-1. 78th minute- Linda Caicedo missed it! Great counterattack but with the whole body the Italian goalkeeper takes away the angle and the second is lost ColombiaMinute 76- Goooooolll from Colombia!!! Cobra Usme, wait for the goalkeeper to play and aim softly at the opposite suit. Suspense but in the end it is the 1-1 that the national team deserved Minute 75- Penalty for Colombia, foul against Chacón Minute 72- Free kick by Usme, the Italians reject well Minute 67- Italy arrives again, the flag raised poorly because there was no outside place… Pérez controlled just the same Minute 63- Yellow card for Mayra, exaggerated reaction Minute 62- Arias slip in the middle and Italy almost punished before such a gift: Ospina’s miraculous salvation Minute 60- New change in Colombia, Bahr leaves to make way for Ospina Minute 55- Colombia ate the tie! Great play by Caicedo but Bahr, facing the goal, shot it over the top Minute 50- Colombia pressed and Catalina Usme wanted to make it Olympic on the corner kick but the goalkeeper guessed it Minute 47- Very hard tackle against Linda Caicedo, the claim is won Arias a yellow… the national defender was right Minute 46- Carabalí and Arias leave and give way to Manuela Vanegas and Ivonne Chacón in Colombia SECOND TIME IN THE GAME ENDS FIRST TIME. The Italians win 1-0 against Colombia, with a lot of momentum but few clear options. Minute 45+4- Colombia continues with the advanced lines but without clarity in the last third of the field, Italy complains about Carabalí’s strong game. Minute 41- Returns to activate Linda Caicedo but she lacks partners and the Italian markers fall Minute 39- Again a space opens up in the national defense, Caruso’s shot but Pérez controls it well Minute 35- Now the Italians are asking for punishment, Arias steps on Caruso but there was no bad intention, the Colombian could not avoid it Minute 34- The Italians win again on the right wing of Colombia: Pérez saves in a one-on-one with Giacinti Minute 32- Hard tackle from Pavan to Bedoya, Usme claims but there is no sanction Minute 28- The referee falls center back in a fortuitous clash with Bedoya, is treated by the two medical staff Minute 27- Colombia presses but fails to accurately pass the final pass, the Italians hold on and encourage a deep pass, well controlled in the national defense Minute 21- Great play by Linda Caicedo, deep pass from Arias, the national figure leaves the mark but a third Italian disarms her Minute 18- Colombia narrowly equalizes, fast exit from the left, Bahr and Ramírez come together, the attacker wins with sheer power but in the middle return the shot is going high Minute 15- Usme and Guzmán try the reaction after the Italian goal but they lack aim Minute 14- Gooooollll from Italy!!! Gross branding error in Colombia, Ramos loses the ball and opens the catwalk for Giacinti, who defines between Pérez’s legs Minute 9- Now Colombia is saved: Beccari arrived very alone to score the shot after the free kick, fortunately very high Minute 7 – Italy is saved! Great start by Guzmán and Mayra Ramírez tries a little balloon that the goalkeeper smacks. THE BALLEverything is ready for the initial whistle…These are the headlines of coach Nelson Abadía, with Linda Caicedo at the helm:How much expectation does the great figure of the national team generate? FIFA responds with this tribute to his talent:
Background In their last friendly, the Colombian National Team fell 5-2 against France after winning 2-0. The goal now is to improve that image and gain confidence against a demanding European rival.

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