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Herding the Elephant | “Make America great”

Ana Maria Vazquez
California is considered the 5th economy in the country, its great wealth is mainly due to tourism and technology; San Francisco for its part contains 4 of the 15 richest counties. There, between the golden bay, the Golden Gate, the skyscrapers, a woman gives birth in the middle of the street, the video shows that she barely notices the baby coming out between her legs, some homeless people like her, addicted to fentanyl help her clumsily, they get some blankets and cover the little body on the floor, the mother, dizzy, drugged, manages to pull up her pants a little and takes in her arms the child who still has the umbilical cord, with an expressionless face, long blond hair, tangled and dirty, as dirty as the ground from where it picks up the newborn, as dirty as the wealth that surrounds an indifferent country that only offers Naloxone as a resource, that allows weapons in schools and homes but is indifferent to the epidemic of addictions. That kid, if he’s lucky, will grow up enough to go to school where he’ll be hooked up and maybe die before he’s 15 of an overdose.
A few days ago, Dr. Hugo Sánchez Gatell denounced the US pressure for COFEPRIS to authorize the introduction of Naloxone or Narcan in Mexico, one more business for the addiction business, closing the economic cycle that makes the rich richer and the most addicted poor.
Prevention at home is useless if the focus of transmission is in schools, this is known mainly by the industries and governments that live off addicts, that brutalized society can still be squeezed and make a profit; Thus, the children of their children will continue to support the construction of more skyscrapers, more yachts in the beautiful bay, more golden bridges, more neoliberalism, because “they” are not human, nor similar or anything similar, they are just one more link in the long and painful production-profit chain.
It all started in Williamson, Virginia in 2006 when the Sacker family’s Pundue Pharma company illegally flooded the market with fentanyl. Today, everyone is to blame, except the government that knowingly overlapped its distribution.

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