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By: Rene Aviles Rosales

good results

Wow, Mr. Mario López, shone and fulfilled all his projects for the benefit of recent visitors to Bagdad beach. 2. The recognition comes after tourism and business and commercial organizations such as Canaco, attested to it. 3. Today as never before, all the enthusiasm, vigilance and results of a president are recognized.

Due to the above, the state and federal orders must be very satisfied with this good performance. 1. It is no secret to anyone that the former PAN governor has at his mercy a sect of unpresentable individuals who attack the new government. 2. I think that everyone knows that there is a nuisance for not having overcome the defeat, they cannot manage how they could lose so much money and power. they blame him for the defeat.

The foregoing is seriously, the bigheads are weak within their chaotic structure. And what do they have left? and end up in jail. Only then will all this bad smear campaign end.

A piece of information… They are already beginning to move for the municipal elections… that is good… For Morena, it is the majority of cadres that make movements… The PAN members are weaker day by day and blame each other. Bad topic for the PAN. 1.Lalo Gattas will have no problem seeking the election in the state capital. His work is present. 2. Even more with the important works program, under the unrestricted support of Dr. Américo Villarreal Anaya, that is a guarantee to change everything the abandonment of Cd Victoria. It is a matter of waiting. 1. Two arrest warrants are being prepared, for embezzlement of resources. They say that Carlos Ulivarri, the thief and corrupt former mayor of Río Bravo, is hiding. 2. And it is that Ulivarri looted the municipal boxes, and he already has his respective investigation folder. Ulivarri…. He is going to fall. In time.

To end…. ADRIANA LOZANO, continues to move to be the candidate for Matamoros… But first she will have to solve two or more details that are not very happy with who she is in charge of. I will give you more details.

Postscript……Chucho Nader, he is still in trouble for a series of resources that he cannot verify… The worst thing is that they left him alone and he knows that he could fall to the lowest point… To such a degree… It seems that his companions gave him up. we leave… There is no doubt that in the sea life is tastier.
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