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A belated letter: 80 years ago Pasquale wrote to his wife from German captivity. He receives his daughter

A letter arrived at its destination 80 years later. In November 1943 he wrote to his wife from a prison camp near Berlin, but the letter never reached its destination.
A late letter
That same letter, of which traces had been lost, was delivered in recent days, after 80 years. The story comes from Mottola, in the Tarantino area, and it is the mayor of the town, Giampiero Barulli, who tells it with a post on Facebook, attaching the image of the letter.
“It is 1943. There is war – says the mayor – and all the boys are at the front fighting. Among them is Pasquale, a soldier from Mottole. He is in a prison camp near Berlin and writes a letter to his wife Maria, reassuring her about her health. The letter, however, does not arrive at its destination. Pasquale, on the other hand, “returns unharmed from the war and lives peacefully with his wife raising three children”.
Pasquale 80 years ago wrote to his wife from German captivity
“80 years go by – adds Barulli – and incredibly a few days ago that letter arrives in the Municipality. Sent by a gentleman from Florence and immediately delivered to Pasquale’s daughter, who reads her father’s sweet words with great emotion. Other times, other lives”.
“But a thread, that of destiny – comments the mayor – that binds and re-knits everything, people, stories and memories”. The letter was sent from one of the German prison camps Kriegsgefangenenlager (Kgfl).
The daughter receives it in Mottola, in Puglia
“Dear Maria, my health is good, therefore – she reads in the letter posted by the mayor – you mustn’t worry about me. I hope to hear from you soon which I hope is good. On the occasion, I send you my best wishes for Christmas. Affectionate kisses”. The stamp bears the date 21 November 1943.

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