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Thomazella has a hero’s day in Lusa’s escape from relegation

Goalkeeper Thomazella had a gala performance in Portuguesa’s 2-1 victory over Mirassol, this Sunday afternoon (5), away from home. The number 1 made important saves, especially in the final minutes, and held the triumph that guaranteed Lusa’s permanence in the elite of São Paulo football.

+ Portuguesa players celebrate their stay in Paulistão

On leaving the lawn, the archer was greeted by all the athletes in the squad and also by the fans present at the José Maria de Campos Maia stadium. Fans have already highlighted the importance of the player throughout the season.

“God is wonderful. We didn’t deserve to fall. People deserved to stay. We know the struggle it was, the difficulties we faced, but we never stopped giving up and we are here. Next year is Lusa in its rightful place”, he said, still on the pitch.

Before in front of the microphones to explain the adverse results, the number 1 was now in the spotlight with reasons to smile. Elected the playmaker of the game by the Paulista Football Federation (FPF), the remainder of winning the Paulista Series A2 title explained the good performance of the Lusitanian team.

“It’s hard to find words. It will start to sink in little by little that Portuguesa will remain, but we work hard and hard so that, when we are required, we can match the height. But I think the main factor there is the mental. People are always mentally strong. Even more in our position, where we can’t fail that could lead to a goal. So I had to be focused and mentally strong,” he said.

In this weekend’s match, Thomazella inherited the captain’s armband of Pará, who was suspended. Asked about the subject, he praised the leaders present within the cast. “I think the armband for this group is just because someone has to take it to the field. We have several leaders within the group: Pará, Fernando Henrique, Daniel Costa, Naldo, Robson… So, we are always talking”, he pointed out.

At the press conference after the game, the Lusa goalkeeper heard praise from coach Gilson Kleina. “Thomazella will go down in history for the difficult saves he executed. My God in heaven, if I had a pill I would take it, because I thought I was going to have a heart attack at some point. I was watching that ball go in and it was only Thomazella, then the addition increased… It was a historic permanence”, stressed the coach.

Questioned about the departure of Portuguesa from Z2 in the last round, Thomazella highlighted that the cast believed at all times in staying in Paulistão. “The last word to enter the field was to believe. The work was being done, and we all knew what to do on the field, how to execute, have confidence, attitude on the field ”, he concluded.

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