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The wishes of the clients come true achieving the relationship in real time. By Jorge Cassino Country Manager of Salesforce for Chile

During the last 25 years I have been able to witness first-hand how efforts have been made to bring the world’s CRM platforms to the highest level. In this context, many products have been created that seek -some with more and others with less success- to generate a complete experience for companies and their customers.
The search has taken a cross-cutting direction: to find a hyperscale customer data platform (CDP) that connects all relevant data, historical and real-time, to create a single record of each customer, providing the necessary ingredients to drive omnichannel experiences that truly seem magical to them.
It is true that this challenge, for all of us in the business software industry, has become difficult, complicated, and why not? On some occasions it is even impossible to carry out, since obstacles are crossed along the way that delay reaching the final objective.
If we look back, we will realize that 30 years ago companies each created their own databases to manage their contacts or potential customers. In addition, there was no single source of user information, and Source of Sales Automation (SFA) and customer service solutions were expensive and worse, ineffective. The integration was nil.
This all changed in 1999 with the advent of Salesforce, which created a new cloud-based technology platform and subscription business model for the sales automation service. Thanks to this push, a revolution began in the area, going from annual sales of 50 million dollars at the time, to sales of 60,000 million today.

Salesforce Genie is the dawn of a new era
Thanks to the technological advances of recent years and the talented Salesforce engineering team, a new scenario has opened up: real-time customer engagement thanks to Salesforce Genie.
Salesforce began this work a few years ago with a Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed primarily for use with our Marketing Cloud, which has been our fastest-growing organic product. CDP brings together our existing transactional database with historical data and the ability to process data at scale in real time, harmonizing data streams from any source and system to create a unified customer profile, or customer graph, for customers. marketing specialists.

The Salesforce Genie Promise
What’s especially unique and powerful about Genie is that it makes every part of Salesforce Customer 360 more automated, intelligent, and real-time. Data in customer profiles can easily trigger actions in Flow automation, Einstein AI, and other parts of the Salesforce Platform, personalizing experiences for each customer based on their real-time data. All of this adds up to reduced costs, increased productivity, and increased customer satisfaction, which are even more important as businesses seek to drive immediate success in this highly uncertain economic environment.
It’s been an incredible journey over the past three decades working to solve the data problem and build a platform that can help organizations deliver what we call “magical customer experiences.” With Genie, it’s finally within our reach. Put another way, with the power of data science, machine learning, and real-time data integration, we can now create seamless, connected, and hyper-personalized customer experiences that weren’t possible before.
But I want to be emphatic on one thing: this is not the end of the journey. It’s just the first step in putting Salesforce Genie into the industry’s technology ecosystem. Now onto the next one, which is helping our customers harness the power of Genie and deliver their own customer magic. However, in a world of infinite possibilities such as technology, what I am most passionate about is, as Gustavo Cerati once said, how far we will go.

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