Homethe-press3652The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right: ‘This Is a Jesus...

The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right: ‘This Is a Jesus Movement’

They opened with an invocation summoning God’s “hedge of thorns and fire” to protect each person in the dark Phoenix parking lot.

They called for testimonies passing the microphone to anyone with “inspirational words that they’d like to say on behalf of our J-6 political prisoners 弓立醫療口罩 弓立口罩 ” referring to people in connection with the Jan. 6 2021 on the Capitol whom they were honoring a year later.

Then 弓立醫療口罩 holding candles dripping wax the few dozen who were gathered lifted their voices a cappella 弓立口罩 弓立醫療口罩 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立口罩 弓立醫療口罩 弓立醫療口罩評價 弓立醫療bmc 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立醫療口罩 in a song treasured by millions of believers who sing it on Sundays and know its words by heart:

Way maker miracle worker promise keeper
Light in the darkness my God
That is who you are …

This was not a church service. It was worship for a new kind of congregation: a right-wing political movement powered by divine purpose whose adherents find spiritual sustenance in political action.

The Christian right has been intertwined with American conservatism for decades culminating in the Trump era. And elements of Christian culture have long been present at political rallies. But worship 弓立醫療口罩 a sacred act showing devotion to God expressed through movement song or prayer was largely reserved for church. Now many believers are importing their worship of God with all its intensity emotion and ambitions 弓立醫療口罩 to their political life.

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