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Soaring prices: Baitas reassures public opinion on “the return to normal”

Mr. Baitas, who was answering questions during a press briefing after the meeting of the Governing Council, indicated that prices have started a downward trend, which is very important, pointing out that the executive will continue to work in the same collective spirit and with the same meticulous follow-up, the objective being to bring the prices of these products back to a reasonable and normal level. The question of prices largely dominated the work of the government meeting, being the subject of extensive discussions, he also indicated, noting the holding of a meeting at the Ministry of the Interior, in the presence of the various ministers concerned by this file who work within the framework of a commission which examines all questions relating to prices. In response to another question from journalists, the Minister indicated that the strategic stock of soft wheat exceeds three months, while the stock of durum wheat exceeds two months. In addition, Mr. Baitas noted that the government has subsidized this product so that there is no increase, since the budget allocated to subsidies during 2022, reaches 9.3 billion dirhams, through the compensation fund, representing subsidies for wheat, flour and bread, so that families can access them at reasonable prices. Concerning cattle imported from Brazil, the government spokesperson pointed out that all imported cattle were examined in a laboratory before their admission to Morocco, to ensure their good state of health, stressing that this process does not tolerate any laxity. He added that all imported products comply with quality standards and are subject to different levels of controls and examination.

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