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Sassuolo-Sampdoria Women, Mango: “To get out of hell, we have to do something different”

The month of March has been halved by the ax of time, the days are starting to lengthen and there is a sport that does not undergo the changes of time: it is football. Tomorrow, Saturday 18 March, the weekend will also be revived by the challenges played by the protagonists of the women’s Serie A.

The match between Sassuolo and Sampdoria will also attract the attention of the fans of the Bel Paese. This sports piéce will be staged at the Enzo Ricci stadium and the awaited kick-off will sound at 12:30. A very important event begins for women’s football: the Poule Scudetto and Salvation.

The fate of the two teams on matchday 18 of the championship was quite different. In fact, if Sasôl defeated Pomigliano with the final score of 0-2, Doria was unable to put up an effective defense against Roma. What made the difference between the Giallorossi was the irrepressible attacking midfielder Zara Kramžar with her goal scored in the 85th minute.

Women’s football, before Sassuolo-Sampdoria: Salvatore Mango is confident

The coach Salvatore Mango took over at the helm of the Doriane starting from February 28, to bring them to the top and achieve a coveted goal. The latter is undoubtedly staying in Serie A. However, to make this upgrade possible, there are many things that will have to change.

The blucerchiate coach, through the official channels of the Genoese club, made statements regarding the possible outcome of the match: “I think these girls are preparing very well. Sassuolo is the strongest of the five teams playing the Poule Salvation, the ranking itself confirms it. It is a capable team and led by a capable coach. We will play this game trying to have a lot of courage and great humility. To get out of Hell, we have to start doing something different. I demand that my players never give up, to honor the shirt and the Sampdoria fans.”
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