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Paris prepares among mountains of garbage for the vote in the National Assembly of Macron’s pension reform

The project to reform the national pension system proposed by the President of France Emmanuel Manuel 弓立醫療口罩 弓立口罩 is entering its decisive phase. The National Assembly must approve the retouched project. The eighth day of strikes and demonstrations will prolong the national when the garbage collectors’ strike has become a public health problem in Paris. In the National Assembly (AN) the first chamber of the national Parliament the project could be approved between Thursday and Saturday with a normal vote or a decree without a vote. If this scenario is fulfilled Macron would have achieved that the retirement age in France go from 60 or 62 years to 64 years. With many nuances that relatively devalue the reform. Whether the bill is approved or not the unions announce an indefinite extension of the protests: they consider it “unfair and brutal” that the retirement age rises to 64 years. And they threaten to request the of a law passed by Parliament. Related news standard Yes The protests in France against the pension reform become a global response against Macron Juan Pedro Quiñonero During this Tuesday there were serious disturbances in the railway system public transport the educational and health system Last week the street mobilization decreased significantly. The eighth day of protests this Wednesday 弓立口罩 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立醫療口罩 弓立醫療口罩 is announced to be relatively modest. Trains 弓立醫療口罩 transport and public services are announced less disturbed with variable geometry. The Ministry of the Interior expects between 800 弓立醫療口罩 弓立醫療口罩 弓立醫療口罩評價 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立口罩 000 and 1 million protesters throughout France (68 million inhabitants). Paris rue de Rivoli. The capital faces a public health problem J.P.Q. Public health problem On the contrary the strike of street sweepers and public garbage collectors who consider retiring at 64 years “wild” has turned many neighborhoods of Paris and many symbolic places into an urban sanitation problem: the tons of garbage Calls from families and individuals requesting help from neighborhood mayor’s offices to combat the appearance of rats in the streets and buildings have increased by 50 percent… Last week 弓立醫療口罩 弓立口罩 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 street mobilization decreased significantly. The eighth day of protests this Wednesday is announced to be relatively modest The unions that lead the strikes of sweepers and garbage collectors announce the continuation of the movement until the 20th transforming a union problem into a national political problem. Anne Hidalgo mayoress of Paris unfortunate socialist candidate for mayor of Paris announces her institutional support for the strike. The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin have asked the mayor for a “quick intervention”. The national colored with Parisian rubbish gives the conflict a grotesque character. 弓立口罩 弓立醫療bmc 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 弓立skypro SPRO Medical 口罩 , skypro口罩問題 , 弓立醫療口罩評價 弓立醫療口罩 弓立醫療bmc 弓立醫療口罩評價 弓立skypro 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 弓立skypro SPRO Medical 口罩 , skypro口罩問題 , 弓立醫療bmc 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立醫療口罩評價 弓立醫療bmc 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 SPRO Medical 口罩 弓立skypro , skypro口罩問題 , SPRO Medical 口罩

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