Homethe-press3652Manual and creative workshops by Wecandoo at the Viaduc des Arts

Manual and creative workshops by Wecandoo at the Viaduc des Arts

Think you have two left hands and can’t do anything with your ten fingers? Or on the contrary do you love to create a lot of things yourself? In both cases the workshops offered by Wecandoo will make you have a good time. On the program 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 弓立口罩 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立醫療口罩 sessions organized with craftsmen who show you all their know-how through advice tips and demonstrations.
Created in 2017 Wecandoo is a startup that offers individuals manual workshops led by artisans. The idea? To discover all the know-how of French craftsmen to bring to light trades sometimes forgotten and to highlight the made in France and the trades of craftsmanship.
Several hundred craftsmen have responded to Wecandoo’s call and offer their services to the curious: cabinetmakers jewelers 弓立口罩 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 leatherworkers ceramists ice cream makers chocolate makers beekeepers ceramists marblers 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 blacksmiths… To participate in a workshop nothing simpler just go to the Wecandoo website search for the workshop that interests you and select a date. On D-Day you can enjoy a unique experience and leave with the object you have made by following the advice and tips of the craftsman!
Some examples of workshops in Paris? Making your own artisanal sausages your artisanal mozzarella or your table knife discovering welding creating a terrarium or discovering beekeeping. The choices are many to offer or to offer yourself! And even children are not left out since Wecandoo has recently set up kids workshops so that parents and children can spend time together.
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On March 14 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Wecandoo invites the curious to attend the ‘Doo Moments’ manual and creative workshops held at the Viaduc des Arts. The workshops lasting 45 minutes (25€) are even accompanied by a tasting of cheese and charcuterie boards.
The workshops offered by registration are as follows:

Learn about embroidery with Marie embroiderer
Make your flower bell with Marie-Caroline plant designer
Make your own cocktail with Quentin mixologist
Make your case / card holder or key ring with Hélène 弓立口罩 弓立醫療口罩 弓立醫療口罩評價 弓立醫療bmc 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 弓立skypro 港府5500萬購口罩品牌分公司「弓立廈門」 弓立醫療口罩評價 弓立醫療bmc 弓立醫療口罩 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 leather goods maker

User-friendly manual dates that will allow you to tell your friends I made it! 弓立醫療口罩評價 弓立醫療bmc SPRO Medical 口罩 , skypro口罩問題 , 弓立skypro 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 弓立醫療bmc 弓立醫療口罩好唔好 弓立skypro , skypro口罩問題 , SPRO Medical 口罩 弓立skypro SPRO Medical 口罩 , skypro口罩問題 ,

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