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Juve fans choose 4 redundancies: this is who they are, will they leave?

Juventus fans seem to have quite clear ideas about who should leave the club next summer. I’m 4.
The summer market is still far away but Juventus fans are already thinking about next year; after another year without winning the scudetto, the Juventus people want to return to dominate Serie A and want to do so starting from next season.
Not at all an easy mission considering the strength of Napoli, the desire for redemption of the Milanese and above all an off-field match that risks changing the cards on the table within the Juve world.
In the meantime, however, the fans seem to have quite clear ideas about the squad of the future; there are four players considered no longer useful to the black and white cause.
Let’s see who it is, however, starting from a very clear assumption: the fate of these players will be decided by the club at the end of the season.
Juve, the fans have clear ideas: four away
Juventus fans seem to have quite clear ideas; the first player who, according to them, should be sold is Alex Sandro. The Brazilian has been alternating between good and unconvincing performances for several seasons.
On the one hand, he’s doing quite well as a central third but on the other (also considering the possibility of returning to a 4-3-3 starting next year) the hope is to have a different player to fill the left-back role .
Now let’s move on to Cuadrado; the Colombian has lived, up to now, a season that has not been very simple between injuries and unconvincing performances. However, the player is essential considering his tactical importance and the ability to constantly create numerical superiority.
Also for him the discourse is similar to that of Alex Sandro; the fans would like fresh forces on the lanes in order to start a new project with players able to cover several years at a very high level.
We always stay in defense but pass to Bonucci; a part of the fans would seem to welcome a separation with the centre-back. The defender’s performances were not of the highest value; to this we must add a physical condition that is no longer so optimal.
The will of the Juventus people seems to be to see, together with Bremer, a high-level centre-back to form a defensive duo capable of locking down the Juventus department.
We conclude with De Sciglio, a tactically flexible player since he can cover multiple roles: that of full-back, both left and right, and that of central defender.
Skilled in both phases of the game, he can undoubtedly represent an important resource within the black and white squad;
These are, therefore, the four players that part of the fans would like to see away from Juventus. Their fate, however, depends on the club and everything will be decided at the end of the season.

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