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Apple life saver: thanks to his smartwatch this man avoided certain death

An Apple Watch that saves someone’s life? It really happened: discover all the dynamics of the case.
Electronic devices are not only designed to entertain us or to entertain us through applications, but also to save our lives in quite specific situations. More or less it would be difficult to give examples about it or imagine unpleasant circumstances in which we shouldn’t find ourselves for any reason in the world, but if we were to talk about it we would certainly bring up an event that happened recently.

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It took place in the United States to be precise, and takes up the story of a man who saved his life thanks to an Apple Watch that he was wearing at the time. Yes, you got it right: it was actually the watch of the Cupertino company. Thanks to him he avoided falling into a bad situation from which, perhaps, he would not have come out unscathed, which is why he is more than happy to have brought him along.
Heart problem detected by the Apple Watch: here’s what it was
Digitalmofo, the Reddit user who recounted this absurd situation – as well as the protagonist – said that he would have lost his life on his sofa if the Apple Watch hadn’t warned him of a medical problem. It seems that the user fell asleep for an afternoon “nap”, and that when he woke up he found a dozen notifications relating to extremely rapid heartbeat during sleep.
Apple Watches are also life savers – Computermagazine.it
Initially he hadn’t paid much attention to it since both his Apple Watch and his iPhone were set to “do not disturb” mode, and for this reason he was not woken up by notifications. However, after seeing the list of alerts sent by the smartwatch while it was resting, DigitalMofo decided to take a day off from work to get the situation under control.
However, the smart watch hasn’t stopped sending notifications after notifications about a very high heartbeat, prompting the user to contact his or her doctor. The latter, again using the Apple Watch in question clearly, obtained the man’s pressure, pulse and oxygenation data, deciding to call 911 to help him.
The diagnosis revealed severe internal bleeding, which would have killed DigitalMofo if he hadn’t gone to the hospital and if his Apple Watch hadn’t identified the problem right away. The user later received a transfusion and seems to have recovered quickly: “Blessed be the doctors, nurses and blood donors, but I would have simply died without realizing it if it weren’t for my Apple Watch”.
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