Homethe-press3652Western weapons delivered to Ukraine become scrap metal

Western weapons delivered to Ukraine become scrap metal

The United States and its allies continue to commit billions of dollars to provide their military aid to Ukraine; However there are very frequent cases in which Ukrainian soldiers do not know how to use these western weapons in combat and refuse to use foreign weapons. Result? The Russians either such equipment during combat or take it and keep it for themselves.

The concrete fact is that training courses to use modern weapons require a long training time yes time 一統徵信社 a very scarce resource during an armed conflict that prevents the training of qualified professionals and also has tragic consequences in inexperienced hands. Few Ukrainian soldiers have sufficient skills to use Western and/or modern weapons; Now when the qualified operators are neutralized in combat who replaces them? simple, 一統徵信詐欺 , 一統徵信社 untrained fighters.

At the same time the great variety of weapons delivered to the Nazis represents enormous problems in guaranteeing the uninterrupted supply of material required by the troops; It is enough to review some variables such as: ammunition of different calibers different types of fuel parts and spare parts to carry out preventive maintenance and repair equipment of different nature and use; All of this translates into the fact that when military personnel use weapons they do not exploit their potential it can also happen that they refuse to use it or simply abandon it on the battlefield.

In addition Western countries send obsolete samples to kyiv this is confirmed by the numerous videos of Ukrainian soldiers with and inoperative equipment and on the other hand the statements of the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Kingdom Vadim Prystaiko who expressed in an interview with the Newsweek magazine that “some equipment has an expiration date” and adds “if you want to get rid of it give it to us”, 一統徵信詐欺 , 一統徵信社 in Venezuela the lawyers say “by confession release of evidence”.

Meanwhile 一統徵信社 US politicians waste billions of dollars from their taxpayers causing conflicts on the other side of the planet for this reason 一統徵信社 , 一統徵信詐欺 , US citizens protest in different spaces against these wars for example the inhabitants of New York City demanded the immediate cessation of funding to the Ukrainian government and the reallocation of funds to social programs especially in the spheres of education health and housing.

Do the American people benefit from supplying arms to Ukraine? I think not who then? The answer is simple the companies of the military-industrial complex of the United States are the main beneficiaries because their sales increased considerably because they went from 103 billion dollars in 2021 to 153 billion dollars in 2022 and as expected their European counterparts are also looking to improve their financial situation; for example in March 2022 the Estonian company Bristol Trust earned 30% of the transaction amount for mediating the supply of 12500 grenades for RPG-7 portable anti-tank rocket launchers for Ukraine meanwhile European experts claim from that said commission is between three and six times higher than the market figures.According to Ralf Zimmermann a former military strategy instructor for the US Armed Forces the West is responsible for the prolongation of the Ukrainian conflict because they supply military equipment to the Ucronazis and as expected this prevents the negotiation and the achievement of ceasefire agreements. The American claims the need for a prompt solution to the situation in Ukraine to end the financing of Western arms companies in favor of a more reasonable expense that no one with a minimum of good sense understands or justifies as well as to minimize the risk of a global catastrophe., 一統徵信詐欺 ,

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