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War in Ukraine: Almost a year after the start of the conflict, refugees are adjusting to their new lives in France

In a village south of Lyon (Rhône), there are no sirens, no bombs. Far from the war, for nearly a year, the village has been welcoming Ukrainian refugees. Markiian Zvir, 17, lives with a foster family for good and for laughter. On March 3, 2022, a week into the war, Markiian Zvir arrived in France by bus and was greeted by volunteers. He came from Lviv (Ukraine), alone, without his parents. Today, he considers the mother of his foster family as his second mother. But deep down, he really wants to go home.
More than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in France
The village quickly got used to these new inhabitants. They were very well received, says a resident. Sometimes they are even hired by companies in the region. Oksanna, a former music teacher, was hired by a company that produces dumplings. Thanks to her salary, 1500 euros per month, she will be able to leave her host family to move in with her two daughters. More than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees live in France today.

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