Homethe-press3652Want to serve breakfast in bed? Make these delicious pancakes

Want to serve breakfast in bed? Make these delicious pancakes

Starting the weekend with breakfast in bed is a great idea. If you are looking for a recipe that is ideal for this moment try this one for pancakes. It’s from BBC Good Food magazine and very easy to make.

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Ingredients: 150g self-rising flour½ spoonful of baking powder1 large egg150ml milk2 tablespoons agave syrup (extra for serving)50g chopped nuts 2 tablespoons oil
Method of preparation: 1- Place the flour and yeast in a large bowl with a pinch of salt. Make a hole in the center and add the egg milk and agave syrup. Mix until smooth and add half of the dried fruit. 2- Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium/high heat. Place two ladles of the mixture in the pan and cook for one minute on each side. Repeat to make more until the dough runs out. 3- When finished. Serve with a drizzle of agave syrup and what’s left of the dried fruit.
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