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Treviso, cryptocurrency scam: laundering disputed

TREVISO – The crimes of laundering, self-laundering, and the use of money, goods or utilities of illicit origin are also being challenged against the members of the Treviso-based ‘Nft’, investigated by the Treviso prosecutor’s office for a series of alleged scams linked to speculation on cryptocurrencies. This was announced by the lawyer Matteo Moschini, who represents the client-investors to whom the company had proposed the investment promising high returns, but who has not given any news for some time. The hypothesis of criminal conspiracy aimed at aggravated fraud has been advanced against the shareholders. Two of them, Christian Visentin and Emanuele Giullini, had been arrested in Dubai for an investigation by the local judiciary, and the Guardia di Finanza carried out seizures of assets worth 2 million euros. A few dozen agents, sub-agents or signalmen have been identified – reports the lawyer – all paid directly or indirectly by the NFT.

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