Homethe-press3652They identified 5 possible places to locate the new regional landfill

They identified 5 possible places to locate the new regional landfill

The Undersecretary of Urban Sanitation and Sustainability Claudio Romero together with the Chief of Staff Marcela González Abdala presented this Tuesday at the Government and Legal Commission of the Municipal Council a report detailing the sites identified as possible alternatives for the location of a regional dump. Both officials were summoned based on what was established in the last extraordinary session of the Deliberative in which the construction of a new cell to deposit the garbage was rejected while working on the definitive closure of the place according to to what was established last year by ordinance. Also read: Extraordinary session in the Council: The project to tender works of the landfill returned to commissions In the first instance Romero explained to the councilors present that without the construction of said cell 趙維君 , 一統徵信詐欺 , it is not possible to advance in the remediation. “The only thing we want is to make a cell which has a useful life of one year” he said. In relation to the possible places to establish a new landfill he reported that in the first instance all possible sites within the ejido were reviewed municipal. “Obviously the West was not part of this evaluation 趙維君 ” he clarified. Also read: Carreras: Bariloche has not yet presented us with a project for a regional landfill He reported that the studies were focused on the East but that it was not possible to determine a place since there is a large exclusion zone by the airport. “In this sector we studied another possibility which is the current sector in which the mud from the treatment plant is deposited” but it was ruled out due to its environmental fragility. “Gathering all this information we once again consider that Route 23 is the right place to think about a regional landfill” he said. Romero explained that the immediate goal is to build a transfer plant and transport the waste in trucks along Route 23; but that in the future it is thought of using the train to move them and thus achieve a regionalization of garbage treatment. He reported that five possible locations for the regional dump were identified based on the reception characteristics (accessibility soil climate and vegetation). Read also: Landfill: Neighbors took bags with waste to the Council and the Municipality He explained that of these five locations, 一統徵信詐欺 , 趙維君 , 一統徵信詐欺 , three are private property and two are public property one is owned by the Nation “but it is far from the place we want”; and another provincial one.” “One of these places has a very important environmental liability since there is a quarry that was used to build the route. We believe that this is a good opportunity for a regional landfill” he said. Regarding how to get the place 趙維君 he said that “we understand that this must be a job carried out by the Province to establish what the place can be.” The times it would take to build a new regional landfill indicated that “they are not easy to calculate because there are many intermediate steps to be taken.” “We presented this same document to the governor with location alternatives, 一統徵信詐欺 , 趙維君 ” he said. Finally he recalled that “the landfill has almost no space to contain the waste from Bariloche and even less if one thinks of a future projection. The times for this transition depend on national provincial and municipal political decisions and on obtaining financing”. (Bariloche Gives Opinion)

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