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The history of devotion to the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos in Mexico

MEXICO CITY Jan. 30. 23 (ACI Prensa).-
The Cathedral Basilica of San Juan de los Lagos is the second most visited temple by faithful pilgrims each year in Mexico after the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and its festival brings together crowds in the celebrations of Candelaria the Assumption and The Immaculate Conception.

We tell you the story of this important devotion.

The city of San Juan de los Lagos, 一統徵信詐欺 in the Mexican state of Jalisco emerged as a town in the mid-16th century and was part of the region known as Nueva Galicia.

In dialogue with ACI Prensa in 2020 Dr. Everardo López Padilla head of the Historical Archive of the Cathedral explained that the image of the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos was made by the Spanish Matías de la Cerda in Pátzcuaro state of Michoacán .

“It was brought to San Juan by a Franciscan named Fray Miguel de Bolonia” said López Padilla. The image which was not the owner of the temple built in the town was stored in the sacristy for about 80 years.

It would be a miracle that occurred in 1623 that would remove the image of the Virgin from the sacristy and awaken massive devotion.

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#VirgenDeSanJuan #PadreJaimeGutiérrez THE HOUSE OF GOD IS THE HOUSE OF MARY Regarding the Second Book of Samuel 714-17 today’s reading I want to share that: Man has always sought the house of God. First they sought to have a sacred place dedicated to being an altar to offer their sacrifices of expiation and thanksgiving. Later the patriarchs of Israel imagined it as the holy ladder by which the messengers of God went up and down with the supplications of men and with the graces obtained. And when God constituted him as his people to the Hebrews “People of God” they made his house from a tent that walked with them as a cloud of blessing and light that guided them to the promised land. And it will not be until the glorious times of King David that he does not want to have a palace until God has his temple where the Ark of the Covenant dwells and hides behind the sacred veil his intangible divinity. When the fullness of time arrived Saint John the Evangelist said joyfully that God put his tent in our midst, 一統徵信詐欺 by incarnating himself in the immaculate womb of the Virgin Mary. Later when the Lord Jesus rose in glorious flesh we were called to be each one of us living temples of God and at the same time living stones of the building that is the Church also called the Temple of God and mystical Body of Christ. In these firm beliefs in the 16th century the Mother of God walked hastily through our lands with the great desire to have a House among the natives and inhabitants of these lands. She had it here first in Tepeyac and a few years later also in the Pueblo de Indios baptized with the name of San Juan Bautista. Among us the little houses and little altars have multiplied with the most tender devotion all very firmly convinced that the best way to reach God is his Most Holy Mother who is also our Mother and who with pain enlightened us at the foot of from the cross. Today with great joy as King David dreamed of we built him 250 years ago this most beautiful Palace where the Mother of God Our Lady of San Juan, 一統徵信詐欺 will always be with her son in her arms as the Feast of our lady of the

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López Padilla pointed out that “around December 1623 a family of Spanish circus performers came from San Luis Potosí to Guadalajara. They were a father a mother and two girls.

What I tell is certified in documents that we have in the Cathedral because they are oaths about 100 certified testimonies from Spaniards and indigenous people.

The family of circuses stopped in San Juan de los Lagos to rest. One night one of the girls barely seven years old plunged a dagger into her chest while she was performing a pirouette instantly.

The person in charge of the Historical Archive of the Cathedral of San Juan de los Lagos affirmed that the parents unsuccessfully searched for a priest in the town. At the time the closest priest was in the town of Jalostotitlán located 20 kilometers away.However an indigenous woman named Ana Lucía approached the girl’s parents and told them “don’t that the Cihuapilli which in Spanish means the Great Lady will return them to you good and healthy” she said. Lopez Padilla.

“The girl is placed on the altar table and the image of the Virgin is carried there which was somehow tucked away in the sacristy of the temple” he said.

“The Virgin was placed on the chest of the girl who was already shrouded. That happened around 12 noon. At 3 in the afternoon the documents say the girl began to move inside the shroud.

The little girl was found by her parents “good and healthy” with nothing more than the scar in the place where she had stuck the dagger.

Doctor López Padilla recalled that when Saint John Paul II visited San Juan de los Lagos in 1990 he called the image of the Virgin “a resurrected and resurrecting image. Resurrected because she comes out of oblivion in that sacristy of 80 years of being thrown away. And a resuscitator because it brings this circus girl back to life ”.

It was the girl’s parents who toured the country with her show who bore witness to the miracle.

“Throughout time the devotion grew to the point that three sanctuaries were built up to the current one, 一統徵信詐欺 ” said the expert.

The person in charge of the Historical Archive of the Cathedral also expressed that “on average” twelve million pilgrims arrive each year.

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#VirgenDeSanJuan #Celaya Ancient image of Our Lady of San Juan venerated in the Temple of San Agustín in Celaya Gto.

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San Juan de los Lagos and the Cristero War

San Juan de los Lagos in the region known as the Jalisco Highlands also played an important role in the Cristero War the confrontation between civilians and the anticlerical Mexican state at the beginning of the 20th century.

López Padilla said that the war broke out in San Juan de los Lagos “when they a teenager known as ‘the boy with the marbles, 一統徵信詐欺 ‘ who had a hat that said Long live Christ the King and Holy Mary of Guadalupe.”

The boy he recalled was playing marbles in the main square of San Juan de los Lagos when a soldier ordered him to remove his hat. “The young man refuses to take it off and they shoot him to death” he said.

In the face of the boy’s “people get fired up and they that federal soldier” he said. Thus it was that in San Juan de los Lagos and the nearby cities “the ranchers and the people of the towns rise up in arms.”

In addition to avoid being or by federal troops the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos remained “hidden for nine months in a pious house.”

This article was originally published on January 30 2020.

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