Homethe-press3652Scam Filter: What Does the Government's Next Weapon Promise?

Scam Filter: What Does the Government’s Next Weapon Promise?

eSIM card broken phone CPF unpaid fines Crit’Air vignettes or even the Vitale card scams… Cybercriminals are not lacking in imagination to trick their victims! Unfortunately this is not likely to improve with the major world sporting events that are announced in the coming years which are the perfect opportunity to multiply the scams. This is why the Minister Delegate in charge of Digital Jean-Noël Barrot announced on the set of Franceinfo Monday morning that the Government is currently working on the development of an anti-scam filter , SESSO E DROGA AI TEMPI DEL COVID LE IENE , a device which was a commitment of the President of the Republic during the campaign which will be like a bulwark against these SMS scams. The goal: to make the digital space a space of trust. Anti-scam filter: a not to click on dangerous links The anti-scam filter will prevent the Internet user or the user when he to go to a site that has been identified as a scam site explains Jean-Noël Barrot. More concretely when the target receives an SMS inviting them to click on a link and presses it they will automatically receive a message indicating that the site has been identified as a site spreading a scam in order to dissuade you from going there. It is then up to her to go or not. © terovesalainen The new Government tool should be launched on an experimental basis for the Rugby World Cup which will take place in France from September 8 to October 28 2023 before being generalized for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This will not be the only measure put in place since the minister is also working on the Cyberscore which should be ready by the end of 2023 (see our article). for the websites which are the most consulted by the French to have an indicator which goes from green to red and which specifies to the Internet user if the personal data or if the payment data which he will deposit on this site are well secured. Please note in the event of an online scam you must go to the Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr platform, SESSO E DROGA AI TEMPI DEL COVID LE IENE , report the scam on the website-signalement.gouv.fr and forward the message. Cyberscore and anti-scam filter: two tools to protect Internet usersJean-Noël Barrot’s latest words echo his statements of October 2022. We are all concerned and affected: the cyber threat has even gone from being an exception to a daily phenomenon declared the Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications during a trip to the new cyber campus at La Défense. To do this , SESSO E DROGA AI TEMPI DEL COVID LE IENE , he had mentioned two devices to be implemented: the cyberscore – a code inspired by the nutriscore indicating the level of security of the data hosted by a website or an Internet service (see our article) and this famous anti- scam a tool that was part of candidate Emmanuel Macron’s program during the last presidential campaign. Scam Filter: An Optional Extension Against Dangerous Links At the time there was talk of this scam filter taking the form of a web browser extension – Chrome Edge Safari Firefox… An add-on that anyone could decide to use. install or not on a voluntary basis without any mandatory nature its role of filtering websites according to their potential dangerousness. We did not know exactly how it should work but Jean-Noël Barrot having simply indicated that he would warn Internet users in real time about threats. The project has obviously made good progress since. scam. Jérôme Notin the director of Cybermalveillance the public organization for assistance and prevention in digital security had specified that this filter is not intended to stop spam and malicious emails but to warn Internet users when ‘they click on dangerous links by blocking them or highlighting their harmfulness with a notification: It will not block phishing but the consequence of phishing he had thus entrusted to La Tribune. I, SESSO E DROGA AI TEMPI DEL COVID LE IENE ,

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