Homethe-press3652Meghalaya Elections: Drugs Worth Rs 33 Crore Among Items Seized Ahead of...

Meghalaya Elections: Drugs Worth Rs 33 Crore Among Items Seized Ahead of Polling

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Petro calls the mega-prison where Bukele transferred gang members in El Salvador “concentration camps”

The President of Colombia criticized his counterpart, Nayib Bukele, arguing that he feels proud for having reduced the homicide rate by subjugating the gangs that operate in those prisons that Petro has branded as gruesome.

Xiaomi teaches you how to create the best wallpapers for your cell phone with...

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Nordio gives in to the controversy over the Cartabia reform Prosecutors won’t need a...

For mafia crimes, official action will be taken. The minister also announces other adjustments after the many controversies. Forza Italia doesn't fit: Judicial populism, the law shouldn't be touched Follow on Affaritaliani.it

Government extends for 3 years the 35% tariff on the importation of footwear

It seeks to boost the industrialization process and promote the creation of jobs.

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