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abraham mendieta
A few weeks ago, the usual ones did what was expected of them, presenting the umpteenth opposition platform, with the same variable that has characterized them since the beginning of the six-year term: the absolute lack of emotion and future to present a supposedly viable alternative to the government of Lopez Obrador.
But even more serious: the element that has marked the opposition strategy throughout these last four years has been the complete and manifest inability to find a single leadership that excites, happy or
create an impression of the future for any Mexican citizen.
The usual manifesto, with the usual clichés, with the same lies and false news as always, with the adversaries that López Obrador has always had, backed by the parties of the old regime.
In short, the usual, with the usual faces and the usual tricks. But the lack of originality and political creativity is not the main problem of the opposition to the President of the Republic and the
Fourth Transformation, because that could be solved with good pens and advisors who understand the Mexican political moment.
The real problem is that those who today propose the old solutions that never worked, were the same ones who ruled this country for almost a century hiding in the tricolor and for another period under the blue and white flag, and who never made self-criticism for the bad decisions they made. so much suffering they generated in the country.
How do they think they can convince those who at the time already voted for them and suffered the disappointment of the bad government, with the same faces, the same names, the same proposals and even the same political parties?
Of course I disagree with them on almost everything, but if I could give them any advice in good faith, it is to stop being, pretending, communicating and showing off the usual among the usual.
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